Friday, May 6, 2011

10 Things I love

My friend Jenn tagged me in this post and I figured I'd be a responsible blogger and re-post before it becomes ancient history! :)

Sooo, 10 Things I love . . .

1. The hubs. (obviously) I think we are the perfect example of how opposites attract. Most of the time our different personalities and temperments complement each other, and when they don't, well, its a great side show for anyone who happens to be around! :)

2. My sweet little wiggle-butt Emma and monkey-man Seeley. I seriously cannot imagine my life without my kiddos, even when they're making me want to pull my hair out.

3. My family and friends. Best ever. Enough said.

4. My kindle. I read as often as possible and this little baby is my accomplice!

5. Wedge shoes. I realized this week that I own around 10 pairs of wedges. Why? Because they are the most comfortable shoes for me. I can bust out a 4" wedge and wear it all day. A 4" regular heel has me limping in like 2 hours.

6. Hobby Lobby. Where else can I fulfill all of my creative needs?

7. TOMS. I'm addicted. I totally admit it. But come on! They are the most comfortable shoes in the world, how can you not love them and live in them?!

8. Sonic. The genuises at Sonic have finally helped me break my Dr. Pepper habit (sort of). Cherry vanilla DIET Dr. Pepper. This is the only way I can drink diet. Period.

9. Mexican food. God bless the guys at our local mexican restaurant. They know us by name and are already carrying a bowl of cheese dip to our table before we even sit down. Ha!

10. My God. Somehow, someway, He gets me through it all.