Thursday, March 7, 2013

The power of "to-do" lists

Somehow, over the course of the past forever, the ol' blog has not made it onto my to-do list. So now I have Mom guilt, since this is how I try to chronicle important things for the kiddos. And with every day that has passed, I've been more and more hesitant to pick back up the ol' blog because I am sooo far behind! Who wants to write (or read) about Christmas in March?! Well, that's how far behind I am. So I think if I just wipe the slate clean and start new today, maybe I can do better.

So, I'm creating my own weekly "to-do" list. How pitiful is it that I've got to have a to-do list for EVERYTHING? Well, that's how my life has been lately. Work, grad school, quality time with the kiddos, travel, work, t-ball, gymnastics, work . . . and the list goes on and on. And yeah, I know I mentioned work a million times. It was intentional. With all the craziness going on lately in my world, I've forgotten to do those little things that make me a happy and sane woman. And more importantly, a better mom and wife. I've gotten so bogged down in the day to day junk that it's time for a reality and priority check.

So, as part of my new attitude, here are the things I'm adding to my weekly to-do list:
  1. Take a lunch break, for crying out loud!! This may sound simple, but work has been beyond hectic lately so I can't tell you the last time I haven't scarfed down something while sitting at my desk and working. Not healthy for the mind or body.
  2. Work out 4 days a week, at least. Due to some recent health issues, my weight has gotten out of control. Like seriously out of control. And that crap stops NOW. It's time to do some serious damage control.
  3. Weight Watchers. I'm going to just suck it up and commit. I've been able to lose excess weight in the past (from babies) fairly easily. Not so much now. So, desperate times, desperate measures and all that. Time for a little help.
  4. No homework or work on Sundays. At least until the kiddos are in bed. I officially declare Sunday family day and Lord help the next person who calls my cell on a Sunday with a work related crisis. It will not be pretty.
  5. Blog updates and write-ups for the kiddos. Once a week. Enough said.
  6. Get organized. Chaos drives me crazy, and right now chaos reigns supreme at my house. Closets need organized, papers, bills, etc. So once a week I'll pick an area (or item) and get that crap in line.
I think that is probably enough to keep me busy for a while. And since accountability is key, guess progress reports will be coming soon. Aren't you excited?!