Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Cycle Continues

My bad luck is going to become the stuff of legends if things don't change, and FAST.

In addition to all the catastrophes last week my microwave broke and my SUV is in the shop. Sweet.

In all fairness, my microwave is 10 years old. I bought that bad boy my freshman year in college so I suppose I got my $100 out of it. Unfortunately, it decided to go out right when I was trying to warm up a bottle for Seeley at 3am. Little Man screams something fierce when he's hungry. I have a bottle warmer, but really and truly the thing is useless. It either doesn't warm the bottle enough or gets it blazing hot. Many a bottle has had ice cubes thrown in it at my house to cool it down quickly and stop the screaming.

I'm waiting to replace my microwave with one of the stainless steel numbers that mount over the stove. Now I've just got to round up the cash and get the hubs finished on the dishwasher project before throwing another one in his direction.

Had to put my car in the shop this morning for a very ominous rattling sound. According to hubs it's only a loose fan (don't ask me-I don't speak car), but there are some other things that need attention as well and I've put it off for about as long as I can. So, Mr. Mechanic is also getting me repair estimates on new shocks and a tune up. Super. Luckily, the car is still in good condition just needs some maintenance I think. Unless Mr. Mechanic finds some problems, and he probably will knowing my luck.

I truly can't complain too much, my SUV has not had any major problems, as long as you don't count body work-what can I say? I'm cursed. Especially when you consider that my lovely is 6 years old and has 150,000 miles on her. That's right-150,000. My company has railroad branches all over the state and I'm constantly driving between them in my personal vehicle. Yup, no more company car. But that's a whole different story and we won't go there. So, we're going to keep patching my SUV back together until she falls apart.

Just plain bad timing all around.

And speaking of bad timing- yours truly has her 10 year high school reunion coming up in a few weeks. PPRD baby!! I didn't quite picture myself going to my 10 year reunion 3 months post-baby with an extra 18 pounds that is hanging on for dear life. Under normal circumstances I would be quite proud of the fact that I've lost 22 pounds of baby weight in 3 months. It took 9 months to pack it all on so I know it will not magically disappear. But these are not normal circumstances! If I keep to my workout and diet I might be able to drop another 5 by the reunion, but after that its going to be all about the wardrobe. Camouflage and flatter will be my two objectives and I'm already getting a migraine thinking about that shopping trip! Yikes!They were both totally worth it though!

Wish me luck! Or wish me skinny- it could happen!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week in Review

Remember when you were a kid and you could use "time-out" during an event and everyone automatically obeyed? Or when you were able to "re-do" when you weren't happy with the outcome? I desperately wish that I could have used both of those this week!

Why? Well.....
because poor Seeley had a double ear infection and just did not feel well at all,
we found a water moccasin on our front porch,
it's the most dreaded time of year at work-budget time,
we discovered the Niagara Falls of leaks under our kitchen sink,
water was seeping up from under our kitchen floor thanks to Niagara Falls so now half of my kitchen floor is ripped up,
still no dishwasher thanks to the aforementioned issue,
handwashing dishes in the bathroom sink until the dam at Niagara is closed down.


Only two bright spots to my week-
1. Jeremy turns 31 on Sunday and I'm super thrilled to still be in my 20's
2. Seeley was Baptised this past Sunday

He was such a good boy during the Baptism and as you can tell by the pictures he fell asleep almost immediately following. What made it really special was that he was Baptised with his cousin Parker.

Seeley and Emma are such a blessing in our lives. Whenever I feel a "re-do" coming on I just snuggle with the kiddos and all is right in the world again.

And having a hubs who will bring a Dr. Pepper to your office at 2 in the afternoon because you just can't face the upcoming budget meeting without some caffeine is definitely a blessing as well.
He calmly weathered my "I'm-freaking-out-and-don't-know-how-much-more-of-this-I-can-take!" storm this week like a pro. Best hubs in the world.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Granny Smackdown

Yes, I'm considering a Granny Smackdown. And even my hubs, who encourages me to let loose with my temper more often, is running scared. See I'm one of those people who will turn the other cheek a MILLION TIMES. I mean it really takes a lot to get me worked up. So, most people would be surprised to learn that I can give Jeremy a run for his money in the temper department with the right provocation. Main difference between the hubs and I is that he has an extremely short fuse and mine is a mile long.

So why do I want to wage war on a short little red-headed Granny? Because she demands to see my receipt every time I leave our local Walmart. Every stinkin' time!! For five years now this evil woman has stopped me every time she has door greeter duty and I'm unlucky enough to exit on her side of the store. You would think that after five years she would realize I'm not a shoplifter. The worst part is she will stop me NO MATTER WHAT.

Every single item in the buggy will be bagged. Stops me.
Didn't set off the alarm. Stops me.
Pretend I don't hear her asking to see my receipt. Chases me out the door and stops me.

When will the insanity end?? And technically, what she is doing is against the law according to my brother-in-law who is a former Walmart loss prevention agent and a current police officer. Legally, unless there is probable cause she is accusing me of shoplifting each time she asks to see my receipt. Apparently Walmart gets away with this because no one has the time or money to take the mega store to court over it.

I've managed to retain my politely rude attitude with her over the years. I have actually had very few cross words with her. "Really? Why are you stopping me this time?" "Seriously?" Honestly the worst I've done is try to set her on fire with my scorching evil looks. (Where's Carrie when you need her!?)
I've even held myself in check after she mentioned to Jeremy that I was"high strung" following one of his solo trips to Walmart. But this past Saturday she pushed me right over the edge.

Jeremy comments during a Razorbacks watch party at his parent's house that he was told earlier that day how he was the "nice and friendly half" of our marriage.

Snort/laugh. "Really? By who?"

"The door greeter that you hate at Walmart. She said hi to me on the way in the door and then stopped to tell me how nice and friendly I was, unlike my wife. And that she prays for me every night because I'm married to you."


Psycho Granny is going down!

Down Down DOWN!!!!

My very stoic and cop-like brother-in-law laughed so hard I swear tears came into his eyes.

The Granny Smackdown is on folks. One of us will be walking away from our little exchange in tears and it will not be yours truly. By the time I finish telling her off I may need someone to post bail. If you hear on the news about a "mom of two going berserk at a local Walmart" you know the Smackdown went down.

Praying for my husband! Get real Granny! Start praying for yourself cause I'm coming after you with a vengeance.