Friday, October 24, 2008

Peer Pressure

Alright! Those of you that complain I don't keep you informed of the mundane lives of the Johnsons win-I've got a blog now. I can't promise how often it will get updated but I will try my best.

Emma has been growing like a weed and actually took her first unassisted steps this week. She only made it about four steps before tumbling into my arms but it's a start. And she is into EVERYTHING! I think I'm going to have to nail down all of our possessions. She's getting so rowdy that even the dogs are scared of her now. Rosie still ignores Emma and refuses to be petted (or slapped in Emma's case) for more than a minute, but Maybell will lick Emma in the face (yuck) and put up with all the tugging and slapping Emma dishes out. I really think that poor dog doesn't feel loved unless she's getting beat up on. Do they have therapy programs for dogs that confuse abuse with love? And let's not even get into the craziness she creates in her walker. Rosie and Maybell literally hide when I put Emma in her walker because she will chase them all over the house laughing like a loon.

A few weeks we took her to the pumpkin patch and that was fun. Actually, I don't think she cared a whole lot (evidenced by the picture) so it was more for the grown ups. Even the dancing chicken didn't warrant a smile.

But now we're getting geared up for Halloween and then a string of birthdays in November. Holton's birthday falls on the 1st, followed by Emma's on the 8th, another friend's birthday on the 10th, and the 13th as well as my sister's. Whew! Good think Emma likes cake.

I'm stressing about her party because it has to be perfect-you only get one 1st birthday. Jeremy told me to drop the OCD complex and just have fun because she wouldn't remember it anyway. Yeah, that was helpful!
Sorry everything is a little jumbled, I'll try to make future posts pretty but I'm running out of time today.

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Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm glad you started a blog! I'm going to add you to ours now too... :-) I can't believe Emma is walking! What is she going to be for Halloween?