Monday, December 22, 2008

Down to the wire

OK, normally I'm super organized and have all of our Christmas presents bought weeks in advance. Not so this year. I'm still scrambling to buy some last minute gifts. There are a few people left that are still present-less because I have no idea what to buy for them! Jeremy's dad is not very difficult to buy for (anything Razorback will do) but we've been trying to think of something different to get him this year because we always buy him Razorback stuff . . . and does anyone have any suggestions on what you buy your mom's fiance for Christmas who you've only met one time for like 2 minutes? What's the proper etiquette? Do we have to buy him something? And if so, what?! Grrrr! Oh well, there are still a few days before Christmas so I can procrastinate a little longer!

I FINALLY got to see Twilight over the weekend. (Thanks MeMe and PopPop for watching Emma!) First let me say I absolutely loved the book and I'm fully aware that movies typically do not measure up to the book (for me anyway) but I was super excited to see it because I've heard nothing but good reviews. Well, unless you count some of the guys at the RR-but really, this is more of a chick flick anyway so I ignored their comments. The movie was good, and I probably would have liked it even better if I had not read the book. But since I had . . . I was a little ticked off because they added in scenes to the movie that were not in the book, the sequence of the storyline was changed up slightly, and they left out a lot of stuff. I know that you can't fit everything into a movie that was in the book but they left out stuff that I thought was important and made the book so great. Jeremy went to the movie purely because I begged and even he said he was lost at times because it seemed like scenes were missing. Sigh. Movies just aren't as good as the books . . .
Saturday night we squeezed Justin and Brittany into the backseat of the Envoy with Emma and all drove to Iron Mountain to see the light display. Everything was going great until Emma started hurling in the backseat. When she is snotty and has sinus drainage it sometimes upsets her stomache and triggers her gag reflex-and poor Brittany and Justin got to see it firsthand. (Sorry guys!) Luckily I have a survival kit in my car complete with diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and a change of clothes. After she threw up though she was fine and anxious to get out of the car. Jeremy, Justin, and Brittany went out to the marina and I kept Emma in the car for a little while but she couldn't stand it so I loaded her up in the stroller and bundled her up in my coat and we took a walk too for about 5 minutes. She fell in love with this display that had 3 Christmas trees that lit up along with music. We must get some of those next year!

Here we are in front of Emma's trees. (I have crappy ponytail hair and glasses on so just ignore me in the picture):
And here's a picure of Brittany and Justin (they photograph so well all the time-it's just not fair:)):

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Chaney said...

Hey- It is MacKinzy! I found your blog through Mollie's... I totally agree about Twilight! All my students could not believe that I did not like the movie... Well the ones who had not read the book! They thought it was awesome! ugh.. I could not stand everything that they changed and left out! I thought that there was so much that they could have left alone for the book's sake! Have you read all of them??