Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blast from the Past- Part 1

I've been pretty nostalgic this week since I have the big 10 year reunion coming up this weekend. It's always funny when you talk to people about their high school experience; they are rooted firmly in one of two camps. They either loved high school or hated it. Had a blast or were miserable. My opinion is that high school is what you make of it. And I had a blast baby!!

It was interesting to sit down and go through all of the yearbooks, mementos, and just plain crap that I had collected during my time at MCHS. I can't believe all of the stuff I had forgotten. For instance, I was sophomore class president. Totally forgot about it and don't remember doing anything in that role. Beta club president-forgot that one too. I was also in just about every club known to man, including FFA. What?! Do I even remotely resemble a Future Farmer of America to anyone? I lay the blame for that embarrassing membership firmly on my all-around-cowgirl Cali.

And since I got such a kick out of some of the pictures I figured I might as well share them along with some of my favorite high school memories since not all of my friends and family who read this actually knew me in high school.

7th Grade- My first year at MC as my family had just moved to the Cove that summer. (Sadly I couldn't really find any pics from 7th grade and I'm not sure why.) Leslie and I both moved to MC at the same time and everyone kept getting us confused for the first few months. (2 new girls, both long dark hair, I guess I can see it.) And, my girl Cali took an instant dislike to me because she was afraid I was going to steal her boyfriend Brandon. Since that wasn't the case we became friends and were basically inseparable during high school. This pic (left) is 11th grade I think and yes I realize we both have basically the same haircut. And yes, she wore a belt buckle, wranglers, and boots every day. Still does as a matter of fact.

8th Grade-Was flag captain. And had lots of fun bossing around girls that were older than me, ha! I was told after flag tryouts that other than my mad twirling skills, I was chosen as captain because I could hold a "stuck-up and bored" expression throughout the entire routine. I looked like the best snob! Seriously, that was a requirement! Watch the flag line at your next football game-the majorettes are the cute and happy ones and the flag line looks bored to tears. And check out this combo- lots of hair and sequined shoulder pads! This was before I learned the virtues of a good cut/style and the use of a chi iron . . .One of my favorite memories from band/flag had to do with our feature twirler Brittany. She came up to me before a band competition and was like, "Ok Stephanie, you better keep your girls in line because I want a 1. And I've never gotten less than a 2 so you make sure they're keeping the beat and staying together." Had she not been the big sister of my friend Lyndsay I would have been quaking in my little junior high sequins. So, I was only slightly afraid . . . :)
Lynds and I were the homecoming maids that year. Here we are with Cali and Carrie right before the ceremony. We both got stuck with total losers as escorts.9th Grade- I really couldn't find a lot of pics from this year either. Tore all the tendons and ligaments in my wrist during flag practice so I graciously bowed out of the captain role in the flag line. And yes, I know it's lame that I messed up my wrist so badly just by twirling a flag. I eventually wound up quitting band all together because 1) I was swamped with sports and the practices kept interferring with each other and 2) Did you get a good look at those marching uniforms? No way in hell was I going to wear that!

This was also the year of my hair evolution. Praise the Lord no more thick thick bangs! Just so there's a visual aid, here's a pic of me, my sisters, and the little girl I babysat. Granted, its not a great shot of my hair but there is a definite lack of bangs which means I can stop cringing each time I look at a picture . . . Stay tuned for grades 10-12 . . .


dave and jenn said...

I loved this post! What a cute idea. I remember Cali wearing a belt buckle, boots, and Wranglers in college too. :)

Mollie said...

I'm a little nervous to see what you come up with for senior high...please be kind if you find a picture of me ;)

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

I'm DYING over that story about the band competition. I have no recollection of that at all. Sorry, I can be bossy sometimes! LOL. Also, how pissed off was Lyndsay in that homecoming picture?

Steph said...

Britt-I still crack up over that memory and since I'm a little (lot) on the bossy side myself it didn't phase me in the least! I think that pic with Lyndsay was taken after the tussle over her lipstick-remember that?! It would explain the mad. :)