Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Letters to Seeley

My sweet boy,
It occurs to me that I haven't written you a letter in quite some time . . . so how about a "summer wrap-up" since it is supposedly going to be fall here in Arkansas any day now?

Some milestones from this summer:
  1.  You turned 2!! I still can't believe that you're such a big boy!
  2. You officially wear the same size shoe as your big sister. 10. All I can say is you are going to have some ginormous feet little man. Ginormous.
  3. We found out you have an extremely severe allergy to cashews. I hope and pray that I never have to use the epipen. Please! Oh, and I also put the fear of God into your preschool regarding said nut allergy. Mama Bear came out that day for sure. 
  4. You had your first haircut. And possibly your last since it did NOT go well.
  5. I've decided that one day you are going to climb Mt. Everest, make a killing at riding BMX, or be a pro boxer. Or all three. You love to climb on anything that isn't nailed down, ride tricks on your 4-wheelers, and beat the living crap out of your sister.

  6. You also have a huge fascination with guns. Not serial-killer style, more of the generic boys-just-gotta-kill-stuff type of love. Holton has been a big influence on this. You, Holton, and Parker will run through MeMe's house killing each other. Or protecting Emma and MeMe's tea parties from alien invaders, pirates, etc. I love seeing armed sentries protecting the tea party!  Of course, once the juice and snacks come out you and Parker typically leave Holton on sentry duty by himself and dig right in. Apparently all of that pesky war stuff makes a guy hungry.
  7. You've also developed a new way of letting us know when you're displeased about something. You shoot us. You will literally mimic holding a gun and make the pow-pow noise. We're working on curbing this little tendancy since I don't think it will go over well in kindergarten.
  8. While you've always been a shoe lover, boots are now the big thing. You want to wear them with everything. And I do mean everything. (Do you see how many times your boots make an appearance in this letter?!)

  9. Your big boy bed is not such a big bed after all. You toss and turn like a crazy person at night and wind up hitting your head on the toddler bed rails. Sooo, most nights you wind up in bed with Mommy and Daddy. Plus side is lots of extra snuggles. Down side is that I usually wake up covered in drool. :) I see a twin size bed in your near future.
The one thing that hasn't changed this summer is your sweet disposition and ability to wiggle out of trouble. Even when you make me so mad I could just melt into a puddle of pure Mommy fury, you will do something to make me laugh. It is impossible to stay mad at you! And you still give the best snuggles in the whole world. And I absolutely adore your duck face kisses.

All my love,

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dave and jenn said...

He's getting so big! And that picture of him wearing the cape and burying his face in his hands is priceless.