Friday, January 16, 2009

Knowledge is Power

Things I had to learn for myself. If only someone had told me these things a long time ago . . .

1. Head and Shoulders is THE BEST shampoo for your hair and skin. Yes, it is true. I started seeing a new dermatologist because my face still thinks I am 15 and I have massive acne breakouts (sigh) and he recommended that I switch from my Matrix shampoo to this. Shampoo plays a big part in breakouts, particularly on your face or neck and back. ( Thank the good Lord I only have to worry about my face or I would have jumped off a cliff a long time ago) Head and Shoulders does not aggrivate acne or breakout prone skin. And, believe it or not it actually smells good now too-it has come a huge step up in the world. Also FYI-Pantene is the WORST shampoo to use! If you own it throw it out!

2. Cover Girl makeup is terrible. I own very little (mascara actually is all) but my dermatologist said it is the worst makeup for your skin. It's thick and will clog your pores like nobody's business.

3. Neutrogena products are actually the best for your face/skin because they are made with acne prone teenagers in mind. Ditto with their makeup. (Again, from my dermatologist. He's actually pretty prominent in the industry so I trust him. And, I've lived by his recommendations the last few months and have seen improvements)

4. ION, made by the genuises that brought us the CHI flat iron, is a wonder product. You spray this on your hair and it is shiny and silky smooth. I mean SHINY-as in shampoo commercial blind you if the sun hits it just right shiny. Warning:use sparingly because a little goes a long way. Too much and you look like you have not washed your hair in a year.

5. Aveeno Lotion is an absolute Godsend during winter months. Dry patches be gone!

6. Bare Minerals Multi-Tasking Powder can cover up any blemish on your face or dark circles under your eyes. Seriously. Buy it on ebay and save yourself some cash.

Here's hoping my discoveries can help you out too!

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