Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a jam packed weekend, and it really reflected in Emma's sleeping schedule. I bet she and I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night. Poor baby had a lot of trouble keeping up with our running around. But it shouldn't take too long to get her back on track.

Friday night we went over to a friend's house for dinner. It was kind of a last minute thing so I had to buy a dessert to bring instead of making one. I HATE that, but what can you do? We've known Jace and Beth for years (Jace actually went to MCHS) so it was fun to spend time with them and catch up. We were out pretty late (for us anyway-10pm!) and Emma was wiped out. She loved their dog though-Beth has a miniature Doberman Pincher. It was too cute in it's 7 pound glory and I may have found my next indoor dog!
Saturday Jeremy worked on our hardwood floor installation. We only have about 50 sq ft left to complete in the kitchen-woo hoo- before he gets to start on the 3rd bedroom! It's like pulling teeth to get Jeremy started on ANY project, but once he gets going he does pretty good. He just has to have some Playstation breaks thrown in here and there and plenty of coke or beer on hand. Emma and I stayed out of his way by doing some shopping and then riding the 4-wheeler. She is a little speed junkie and LOVES to ride in the big "car". Our friend Morgan got Emma this fleece pullover and we get compliments on it ALL the time. (I have a better picture of her in the pullover but Jeremy was "taking a break" and there are beer cans in the background-classy. I don't want anyone to think Emma was drinking and driving!)

Sunday we skipped out on church because my brother and his family were in town from Florida. Unfortunately they were here due to a death in the family, but we were thrilled to see them all the same. It had been two years since the last time we got together. Emma thought JJ was just the coolest thing ever. He was the sweetest little thing-giving loves to everybody and playing with Emma.

My brother Jeremy, his wife Donna, and three year old son JJ. I also have a niece Alicia who is 6 but wasn't able to come.

Here's JJ playing peek-a-boo with Emma during lunch. She was just mesmerized by him and thought it was great that a big kid was playing with her.

And finally, me with my brother and JJ. Can you see a little of the family resemblance? Thank God I look like someone I'm related to, I was starting to wonder. Those of you who know my mom and sister know that there is no resemblance there whatsoever.

We were sad that there wasn't more time to visit, but hopefully we'll see them again soon.

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