Thursday, April 9, 2009

I kind of dropped off the face of the earth . . .

. . . for a little while anyway. It took a good friend to remind me that I am a bad blogger. :) Things have been hella crazy in my little world the past couple of weeks. Everyone is healthy thank goodness, but the craziness ensues.

Our other marketing and sales guy got the boot so I have been pulling double duty for the past month or so. To be quite honest though I've been doing both jobs for the past four years but business is booming and I can't keep up with all my normal day to day work plus filtering through applicants for the job, interviewing candidates, etc. Pure craziness! And today we're hosting all of the railroads in AR at our office for a big meeting and I'm having to miss Emma's Easter party at school to put in some face time. Also, there is some work drama. I don't really want to get into it until I know the final outcome but let's just say I'm seriously stressed right now. (Hello Cadbury Eggs!)

Jeremy's blood pressure is doing better but we had to take Emma to the allergist last week. It was a terrible ordeal-I was in the allergist's office with her for THREE hours while they did a scratch test and all that good stuff. I wouldn't let them test her for everything (50+ pricks) but they did test her for most of the normal indoor allergens: dust, pet dander, dust mites, mold, etc. Of course she's allergic to all of it. And not just slightly allergic but severely allergic. Beautiful. We're already doing almost everything possible to avoid these triggers, cleaning, wood floors, HEPA air purifiers, etc, except for the dogs. I've blocked them from entering the main part of the house but until we finish the fence in our backyard they can't be put out. And, what's worse is that I think we are going to have to give Maybell away. Bulldogs can't handle extreme heat or cold so she can't stay outdoors unless we build an indoor kennel and heat/cool the thing. I'm not sure if we can go that far. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know because I am so upset about this and I just don't know what we're going to do. At any rate she was such a trooper about the allergist visit and her new prescription nose spray that I took her to Chick-fil-a after (her fave) and let her eat chicken nuggets and play in the play room then took her to Books-a-Million and let her pick out a book and a baby (webkinz). She was super excited about that and it eradicated some of my super duper mom guilt.

Over the weekend I took her to the zoo and met up with Leslie and Camron (friends from MCHS). Leslie brought her son Lyric and Camron brought her two oldest girls, Lily and Jasmine. Camron's girls are the sweetest things and Lyric was sooo good about riding in the stroller.

It was a ton of fun to see them and I can't wait to get together again. Little Jasmine is a bottomless pit so I think next time we're going to take the kids out to eat someplace like Chuck E Cheese and just let them run amok.

And, just because I couldn't resist here is Emma in the "must have" outfit for any child- her sailor dress. Yes, I made her wear it to church. Don't laugh-I bet your mom has a picture of you in a similar outfit just like every other mom from the beginning of time.

She is all about hats so this outfit went over well. (Not even two and already learning to accessorize-I'm so proud!) We are hitting one bump in the road so if anyone has any advice I would appreciate it-if she wakes up at night she will not go back to sleep on her own. Ever. I'm working on putting her down for bed on her own without holding her also. I've tried the cry it out method but she is extremely persistent and Jeremy gets furious with me when I try this. Also, I'm afraid to let her cry too long because of her asthma. Anyway-any suggestions would be appreciated.

Oh, and anybody know anything about Clarksville, TN?


Mollie said...

love the sailor dress! i have a set of matching navy sailor dresses for the girls to wear once we get Allie out of the house in a couple weeks.

Dave and Jenn said...

I love the sailor dress too! I'm sorry to hear about the allergy problems...I know that has to be so stressful for you. :-(