Tuesday, March 24, 2009

B-Day Wrap-Up

Do you remember when you were little and on your birthday the entire world would revolve around you and it would be just the greatest thing ever? Boy does that change when you get older! I've always joked that I would stop having birthdays after 29 but now I've decided that 27 is old enough, especially after the crazy weekend we had.

The craziness started around 11pm Thursday night, when our brand new heating and air unit stopped working. Yeah. So, it got down to like 63 degrees in my house. Jeremy was putting Emma in bed with me at 4am (I can promise you she was bundled up in her own bed toasty warm in a cocoon of blankets so don't worry. We didn't put her in bed with us originally b/c we're still suffering through a full size bed.) as he was leaving for work and woke her up. It woke her up just enough that she realized where she was and thought it was the greatest thing ever to be in bed with Mama. Every time I thought I had her back to sleep she would get right up in my face and laugh, sooo we just got out of bed and started the day. Shouldn't it be against the law to get up at 4am on your birthday? Luckily a MCHS alumni has a heat and air business and came out that day to get the unit working again, but it still was a pain.

With that drama out of the way Jeremy took me to Fisherman's Wharf for dinner and gave me presents so the day was salvaged. BUT, the crazy weather and change in temperatures has aggravated Emma's asthma so I've spent the past three nights getting up and down with her and only getting about 3 hours of sleep each night. THEN, the heat and air unit stopped working again Sunday night! REALLY? A new thermostat and we're back in business again. Hopefully for good.

We did spend some time at the park on Sunday since the weather was so gorgeous and Emma had a blast.

And, I also spent the entire weekend worrying about Jeremy. His blood pressure has been through the roof and he was complaining with chest pains, shortness of breath, all those big bad warning signs. He refused to go to the doctor Friday but finally went Monday. He has high blood pressure, no surprise there. But, he is finally treating it with blood pressure medicine and the doc told him to lose 15 pounds. I was kind of surprised by this b/c I don't think he needs to lose any weight but the doc hopes that by losing the weight he can be taken off the blood pressure medicine. And, he was also told to cut out the caffeine. I may have to move out for a couple of weeks while he is in withdrawal! Hopefully by treating this now though he will be around for Emma and I for a very long time.


BMS said...

Good Lord girl! What a weekend!
Grey is on two blood pressure meds, so we know all about that. And don't they have caffeine free Coke?

Dave and Jenn said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about the wild weekend and Jeremy's blood pressure. Maybe he has just been worked up about the Cadbury Eggs? Or all of that salt you poured in his Coke.... :-)