Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Free Dermatology Advice

I had to see my dermatologist again this week and once again my pain is your gain. ( I actually made it out of the office with only 4 shots in the face this time-woo hoo! On the down side I'm taking so many medications now that I may have to invest in a day of the week pill dispenser like my grandmother used; but if a plague comes I'm on enough antibiotics that I'm totally covered). I also scored some more advice on face products and a magical list of his approved products.

I'm a big fan of mineral makeup; I use bare minerals multitasking minerals as a concealer and I used to use Merle Normal Luxiva minerals face powder, but NOT any more. My doc said the bare minerals is ok, but he said that ANY department store product whether it's mineral makeup or not always has unnecessary oils. He ordered me to use Neutrogena makeup instead. And I was pleasantly surprised (as was my checking account). I got this, Neutrogena Mineral Sheers, for $10 and the coverage is comparable to the Merle Norman brand I was using. So I saved $20 and can feel justified in purchasing drug store makeup because it's good for my skin. Win-Win!

Also, I despise foundation so I purchased this tinted moisturizer. LOVE it. It evens out my complexion nicely and is a good moisturizer to boot.
The magic list my detmatologist provided of good products for your skin include:
Moisturizers: Cetaphil (or Equate equivalent), Cera Ve, or Cutemol
Facial Moisturizers: Aveeno Positively Radiant or Ultra Calming, Neutrogena Healthy Defense, or Cetaphil- It's important to look for labels that state non-comedogenic, oil free or with sunscreens. (If you're allergic to sunscreens look for titanium dioxide or zinc oxide)
Body Washes (Fragrance Free): Dove for sensitive skin, Dove hydrating, Aveeno Skin Relief, Neutrogena, Oil of Olay, Purpose, Basis. Avoid Dial, Irish Spring, Safeguard and Ivory as they can be very drying.
Shampoo: Head and Shoulders all the way (see previous post on the excellence of Head and Shoulders)

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