Friday, March 13, 2009

War Bulletin

I made a stop at Walmart last night and happened down the Easter candy aisle. Somehow two more boxes of Cadburys wound up in my buggy. Surprising I know. (And while I'm thinking of it where the heck are the chocolate and caramel filled eggs this year?! We're getting ripped off!)

Jeremy very graciously offered to carry my bags into the house- super suspicious. Amazingly both boxes-8 FREAKIN' EGGS!!- disappeared between my car and the house. I know he had no way of eating them that quick so now I just have to find out where they're hidden. And here I was a loving and wonderful wife who supported his Coke habit with a nice new 2-liter last night too. I dumped about a pound of salt in the bottle this morning! Ha! Let him drink that when he gets home this afternoon!!

A $3 bottle of Coke is well worth the sacrifice in the name of revenge! I know, I know-we're seriously deranged.

But speaking of Easter, that makes me think of church and the fact that we have FINALLY found a new church "home." This Sunday we are officially joining First United Methodist Church in Malvern and Emma is being baptised. Presbyterian and Methodists= pretty much the same. We had attended a Presbyterian church in Hot Springs but that was just asking a lot of Emma. She had to sit still for the 30 minute car ride, then for an hour during church, on hour for lunch, and then another 30 minute car ride home. She is waaay too active for that. But this church has really worked out well for us so we're excited. Plus, I have super mom guilt that Emma has not been baptised yet so that has to be rectified in a hurry. I'll post pictures next week; hopefully the weather will be nice this weekend.

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