Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Time!

To celebrate Jeremy's last Saturday off for the conceivable future we took Emma to the Alligator Farm in Hot Springs. ( I know I'm way behind in posting this but work has been hella crazy.) This was the first time I'd been to the Alligator Farm too and I've lived here my whole life, crazy. But Emma loved it. A portion of the Farm is set aside as a petting zoo with baby goats, deer, donkeys, etc. The deer were super friendly. Probably because we had bread. The only animal Emma didn't like was the donkey. It was so much bigger than her and it kept following her around trying to lick her face. Jeremy and I thought it was hilarious but M wasn't having any of that.

Here's the offending donkey and Emma trying to get away as quickly as possible. The baby goat was more to her liking.

There was also a wolf that she desperately wanted to play with because it was a "big dog". And she was not interested in the alligators at all because she couldn't pet them. yeah. My child has a love of all things dangerous.

In other news Jeremy has finally gotten placed on one set shift, so no more rotating and going in at all hours of the day and night. Yay! He's strictly a 5 to 5 guy now. The only downside is that he works every Saturday now; his 2 days off per week are Wednesday and Sunday. I'm not going to complain though because at least now he's home every night.

My work week was slightly less great. You know how bad things always come in 3's? I'll gloss over the first two because nobody cares about a personal issue or market share initiatives. The third happened Wednesday morning and involves supreme stupidity. Not mine, of course, but one of the genuises that work for us. Apparently one of our crews coupled into some boxcars to pull out of a plant (my customer of course) but didn't bother to check if they were empty or still attached to anything. Surprise! The boxcars' doors were wide open with product sitting inside and the dock plates were still attached. So, when our boy wonders pulled the cars out it destroyed the dock plates and a good portion of the customer's dock. Super. I always love to have those talks with customers. But, we're off today so maybe the weekend will turn out better.

Happy 4th of July!


Mollie said...

we have never beehn their either...

BMS said...

I can't believe you girls have never been to the AZ! OMG we love that place! I have even taken Ryan there!
My Nana took us almost every summer.
And Steph--I love your HAIR!