Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I realize that I haven't posted any more pics from Annapolis, but sorry guys, they can just wait a little longer. When it's 10am and you can already call a day AWESOME then it deserves a full explanation.

First, my friend Brittany got wonderful news about her little boy Greyson and I think it is worth mentioning and celebrating even though some of you who read this do not know them. Greyson is a little over a year old and suffers from seizures. (I know I'm simplifying this Brittany so forgive me) Super scary-any mom can attest to that. He was being evaluated for surgery but has been seizure free for 6 weeks, so NO surgery right now. I know that is a huge relief for their family. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers and if you have the opportunity check out her blog and make a donation through First Giving as they try to find a cure.

Reading that this morning kind of puts everything into perspective, ya know? I was focused on other "pressing" problems, the kind of stuff that comes up every day, but when I read Brittany's post it made me stop and just be thankful for all of the good things God has done for me lately. So what if I still can't fit into all of my clothes-I have Emma. So what if I can't afford to buy a special something something I noticed in the store the other day or afford a larger house right now-my bills are getting paid, there is food on the table. There are a lot of people who would love to be in my position right now. So, it's all about perspective.

Following up on the good news of Greyson, I had a meeting with a company I have been courting for several months now. Most of you know my job at the railroad is focused primarily on new business. I work with industries to locate on one of our railroads, starting with site selection, state and local incentives, and go all the way through track construction, etc. Despite the economy I have still had several success stories, but today I landed the BIG ONE. THE BIG ONE. In my greedy little hands are multi-million dollar contracts. Woot! This will be the single biggest customer to hit any of our companies in quite a while, so I think a celebration is in order because I worked my butt off to make this happen! Perhaps my boss will throw a parade in my honor? Highly doubtful. But a little cake and a big fat raise would be perfectly in order!

And on the home front we had to convert Emma's crib to a toddler daybed. While I was in Annapolis she figured out how to crawl OUT and INTO her crib. Pure craziness. She loves her daybed though. Only downfall-since we converted she has only slept the night through in it 2 times. So, Mommy has been missing quite a bit of sleep. It's just too darn easy for her to climb out of bed and decide its playtime!

Over the weekend I decided to do an art project with Emma. She's hard to keep entertained and occupied these days but she loves to paint or color. I bought us some birdhouses at Hobby Lobby, prepped them with paint, and I let her decorate one to her heart's content. I still think more of the paint went on her and me than it did the birdhouse but she had a blast so that's all that matters. I think the dog may have gotten a little too close to her paintbrush a time or two though . . . .

Can you see the paint all over her!? Like I said- a blast!


BMS said...

You are too sweet girly!!

I'm so proud of you for your big deal! Go on with your badass self!

Dave and Jenn said...

The birdhouses are adorable!

Congrats on your big contract! That is absolutely fabulous. You definitely deserve a parade in your honor - and a huge raise!