Friday, June 5, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Sorry, I had that song in my head. Hate it when that happens!

But I am heading out on a plane this Sunday for beautiful Annapolis, Maryland- Sailing Capital of the US. Yay! I love boats and being on the water so I'm really hoping I'll get to try my luck on a sailboat!

Unfortunately I'm traveling for business, not pleasure. But I should still be able to squeeze some fun in! Each year I attend the American Railway Development Association's Annual Conference. Believe it or not the program is great (unlike some others that I attend-snooze fest!) and they are ALWAYS held in awesome locations. Jeremy and I usually try to plan a family vacation around them because Hello! Cheap! when you're only paying for 1 person instead of 2- but we couldn't get it to work this year. So, Jeremy and Emma will be roughing it for three whole days by themselves. Start praying for them now please!

I keep telling myself everything will be fine while I'm gone. And it usually is. Since having Emma I've been very fortunate in that I can limit my number of out of town trips, I'm down to only 3 or 4 "necessary" trips a year. Which is nice. I hate being away from Jeremy and Emma but I LOVE to travel. LOVE IT! I think it's great to go to new places and experience the unique cultures of that particular area. So far my travels have been limited to the US, but hopefully once Emma and any other little ones get bigger we can "cross the pond" and really travel!

And speaking of Emma-she went pee-pee in the potty two days in a row! Woot! For anyone who doesn't have kids I'm sure you think my excitement is totally crazy, but I am ecstatic! Pee Pee in the Potty and No More Dirty Diapers!! (I've got that little ditty stuck in my head too!) Hopefully Jeremy can keep her on track while I'm gone.

I'll be out of pocket for a couple of days, but look for a recap when I get back!


Dave and Jenn said...

Have fun! And P.S.: I love your new background and header! You reminded me that it was time that I changed mine, and I went to the same site you used - very cute stuff!

Mollie said...

WHAT! I did not know you were leaving...don't you know you are supposed to check in with me first. (Ha, HA) Enjoy your trip but most of all enjoy a couple nights of full sleep!!