Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

So, I'm sitting in a parking lot in Bryant waiting for a storm to pass so I can see to finish driving to North Little Rock. What better way to spend my time than blogging, right? Wouldn't want to actually do any work . . . And yes, I have trouble driving in the rain. I'm blind as a bat and even my glasses are not all that helpful when it's raining. So, it's just safer for me and everyone else on the road if I pull over and wait out the bad storms.
We bought Jeremy a new car last week- a Civic Si. He desperately needed a new vehicle but we have been putting it off. The plan was to get him a Harley motorcycle but then his truck started having serious problems and since a Harley as your main source of transportation when you have a child is a no go, he opted for a little sporty car. This is the first Honda we've owned but I was really pleased with the car. Of course we had to get the souped up sporty 6 speed version, but I've got to admit it's a blast to drive. There are times when I really miss driving a stick shift. AND, it fits within the small budget we were trying to stick to. Knowing that we don't want Emma to be an only child we're already trying to budget for the additional $400 per month on daycare a new baby will require-that scenario did not work with an expensive car payment. And Heaven forbid if we have twins, which is pretty common in my family. Very common actually.

Over the weekend we took Emma to The Wonder Place in Little Rock. She had so much fun and still didn't want to leave after about 2 hours. Jeremy and I had to get out of there though, we were about to throw down on some hellion children. It is supremely annoying to me when parents take their kids places and then don't watch them. All these larger kids were pushing Emma around and just being hooligans in general. I even got a stern lecture from one the employees because someone else's child kept turning off a machine and since I was the only adult around she assumed he was mine. I set her straight right quick. We'll definitely take her back again though. It was great being able to take her someplace where she could run and play but was air conditioned. With her asthma we really have to watch how hot she gets because it tends to trigger attacks.

Playing at the three level water table.

Making a mess at the sand table.

Going down the slide in the tree house.Cutting up playdoh in the art room.

I'm also thinking about buying a bike and a seat that I can attach to the back for Emma. Perhaps the only way I can fit in exercise is to take her with me . . .

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Dave and Jenn said...

Ooooh, Dave is going to be jealous about Jeremy's six speed! He has wanted one of those for a while now, but I can't drive them (cause he's a bad teacher). When are you guys thinking of having baby #2? That is exciting!