Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trickin n Treatin

I got a call from my dad early on Halloween morning asking what Emma was going to be for Halloween. A super cute witch of course! My dad: "What? Why are you dressing baby girl up as a witch? Meadow (his other granddaughter) is going to be a cheerleader! How could you?" He was so distraught imagining that I had dressed her up and painted her green with warts.

To those who doubted my costume choice- BAM!!

Have you ever seen a cuter witch in your entire life? I think not!
I was worried that she would have nothing to do with the hat and the entire costume would be questionable but she LOVED the hat. The gloves she threw off in like 2 seconds but the hat stayed. Yes!

We went over to Nanny and Papaw's house early because their neighborhood is swarmed with kids. Literally. We were afraid we would get stuck in the madness. Our goal was to meet up with Jeremy's cousin Meghan and her little boy Konnor and all go trick or treating together on Main Street but they stopped handing out candy at 6pm. What!? Are we giving candy to kids or super old people? Geez.
With that plan foiled we just went to some houses along MeMe and PopPop's street. Emma wasn't all that into the trick or treating thing until she figured out they were putting CANDY in her pumpkin. That caused super excitement. And she told every single person thank you. Ah, a child with manners. Props to our excellent parenting skills.
PopPop and Uncle Justin went to the Hogs game so Aunt B came over to see Emma in her costume and then got roped into going trick or treating too! Ha! Emma absolutely refused to go without B. And B had to hold her other hand while we walked and then when Emma decided she had done enough walking it was B who had to carry her. Mommy and Daddy weren't allowed. Poor Aunt B- you're such a trooper! We love you!!
Here's Emma's cousin Konnor. He was a boxer. Cute right?

Since Halloween Emma has adopted a new ritual. Every morning she asks for candy and I tell her no. Insert dramatics here. And finally in the afternoon after school I let her pick out one piece of candy from her pumpkin. Hopefully the candy will run out pretty soon! I want my sweet angel back in the morning, not little miss drama queen! Maybe I should get Daddy to help put away the candy, hmmm.

Cross your fingers for sunshine on Sunday because it's birthday time! Our wild west theme is in full gear. I have all of the backgrounds painted (horrifyingly one dimensional but there's just not enough time to make them masterpieces), goody bags and other items are a go- I can't wait for her big day!

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Dave and Jenn said...

She was the cutest witch ever! I can't wait to see you guys on Friday and hear all about Emma's birthday party. There is a card in the mail from us, and hopefully it will make it to her by tomorrow. Tell her we said "Happy Birthday!" today!