Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The craziness you missed

What Johnson insanity have you missed out on while I've been too swamped to blog? Well, let me fill you in . . .

1. I was almost arrested
2. First looong drive with a 2 yr old (!!)
3. Drive was totally worth it because we got to see my friend Jenn for her 29th b-day
4. Took Emma to her 1st Razorback game
5. Discovered that I WILL suffer from sickness during this pregnancy-yay
6. Saw New Moon (L.O.V.E.)
7. Totally skipped out on company Christmas party-we are such rebels I know
8. Railroad screwed our plans to visit my big brother and his family for Thanksgiving

I can understand that you might like a little more explanation on some of these so here we go:
I was almost arrested for driving around a Dick's Sporting Goods parking lot in Hot Springs. It was getting late and Jeremy wanted to run in and look for something so I stayed out in the car with Emma because she was getting cranky. To diminish said crankiness I was driving around the lot. As long as we were moving Emma was ok-to stop would have meant torture. As I'm driving I notice a Dick's employee in the parking lot kind of watching me funny. So I think to myself that I need to park b/c he's looking a little nervous. He goes into the store and pulls what appears to be a manager over to the front window and is gesturing outside. About this time Jeremy comes walking out the doors laughing, hops in the car and tells me I better drive off becuase the police are on their way. Apparently this dude was freaking out and telling the manager there was a suspicious car outside circling the parking lot and he thought they were going to come inside with guns and rob the place. Really? Really? I know I am not the first person in the world to circle a parking lot while waiting on someone inside. And furthermore, it was light enough he could see that there was only one lone woman in the car. And I'm going to bust in with guns blazing and rob the place. I repeat-really?

That weekend we drove to Fayetteville to see our friends Jennifer and David. All three of us went to UCA together and I really miss not being able to see them more often. The drive with Emma was going great until the batteries in her portable DVD player died. Once Mickey Mouse disappeared all hell broke loose. I wound up climbing in the backseat and pulling out the laptop and logged onto Playhouse Thank the Lord for verizon wireless internet; I'm considering writing one of those sappy thank you letters that could wind up reenacted on tv-watch for it.

Unfortunately we didn't account for traffic and the drive took us much longer than anticipated; we didn't get to Fayetteville until around 9:30pm. Following our arrival there was a mass exodus for the door. Jenn assures me our way-beyond-fashionably-late-entrance was not the cue for everyone else to leave. So, we wound up missing most of the party but got to spend lots of time with Jenn and Dave which was fantastic. (Thanks guys for letting us stay with you and pretty much take over your whole weekend! And the food was excellent Dave!)
Another high point of the weekend was when I totally kicked Jeremy's ass at baseball on the Wii. Aah, sweet victory. We're both extremely competitive if you didn't know so it was a fierce battle of games for a solid hour or two while Emma took a much needed nap. I need a Wii now.

Saturday we took Emma to her first Hogs game and she LOVED it! I was a little worried that she wouldn't take the confined quarters very well but she did great all the way throught the 3rd quarter. By that time is was around 9:30pm and she just wasn't having anymore. We had the brilliant idea that we would avoid the hellish drive from Friday by driving home that night while she slept. Great idea in theory. Two hours into the drive I discovered my pregnancy sickness. Great. Jeremy wanted to keep going but I convinced him it would be a BIG mistake to make me stay in the car any longer so we stopped at a hotel for the night and finished up the drive home on Sunday morning.

This past weekend we were rebels and skipped our company Christmas party and had a date night. New Moon! Ah, Twiligh series how I love you. This movie was ten times better than the first (yay new director) and with the exception of a few corny scenes fantastic. I will buy it on DVD The. Day. It. Comes. Out.
And finally, we were going to meet my brother and his family in Mississippi (mid-point for us all) and spend some belated Thanksgiving time together this Friday but work derailed that plan. (Derailed-get it? We work for the railroad? Ha! I crack myself up with my not-so-witty play on words!) So, hopefully we can reschedule for a weekend in December.
In preggers news- my ultrasound is next week so hopefully Jeremy will know one way or the other if he's going to need to figure out a way to squeeze two or three kids in the back of the Si. Ha! And I'm already having to do the rubber band trick on my pants. Sigh.

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Dave and Jenn said...

So...what's the verdict from the doctor? I can't wait to hear!

I had no idea you and Jeremy had to stop on the way home....I feel so bad! You guys could have definitely stayed with us another night - we would have been happy to have you!

Thanks again for coming all the way up here for the birthday party and the game. It really did make the weekend extra special!