Friday, December 11, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets

Jeremy discovered one of my dirty little secrets last weekend. It's one that I've held near and dear to my heart because I obviously didn't reveal this little baby prior to the wedding, because, hello, no need to put the brakes on the show right?!

I know every word to "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice. Every. Single. Word. And I still love that song to this day and will belt it out at every opportunity. I'm not ashamed! In fact I still vividly remember my mom actually listening to this tape (remember those?!) after she had already bought it for me and throwing it away because it was too graphic. Mom-still pissed at you about that after all these years, FYI.
At any rate, it was completely by accident that I let this little secret out of the bag. Jeremy finds it extremely amusing to find "annoying" songs and sing them at the bright and early hour of 4:30am for his conductors so that the song gets stuck in their head all day. Some past favorites have included The Spice Girls and The Offspring. So, we're driving in the car and he's telling me about how he got Ice Ice Baby stuck in his conductors' head that day and how pissed he was. As he's telling me he starts singing the first verse or so. "Whoa! Hold it right there! You are totally screwing it up, those are not the right words!" And . . . secret is out. He sat there struggling between horror and amusement as I sang the entire song.

He then said something like, "Well I bet you listened to MC Hammer to. Loser." To which I promplty burst into a rendition of "You Can't Touch This". Come on! Who didn't listen to Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer! Really! I even owned a pair of parachute pants; if I could find the picture I would post it proudly. Take that!

Just goes to show I had excellent taste even as a child.

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Dave and Jenn said...

I think Dave knows *most* of the words to Ice, Ice Baby. He will be very impressed with your accomplishment!