Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Realizing the truth . . .

If you realize that something is true does it change your attitude? For instance, I've recently had the epiphany that being pregnant (1st trimester at least) turns me into a snarling three headed beotch.

Oops. Guess Jeremy was right.
I will never ever tell him that though. Ever.
It would give him too much smug satisfaction and he would gloat and then the super duper beotch would come out of hiding and go on a rampage.
Not pretty.
But really, I have been pretty touchy lately. I don't do well without sleep and for some reason I cannot sleep through the night since I've been pregnant. Add the normal exhaustion to the whole no sleep thing and really I'm lucky to still be married.
This past weekend I woke up sick as a dog on Sunday and after begging Jeremy three times (he does not wake easily) to get up and watch Emma he finally did. And on top of that he kept her entertained for a whole 2 hours so I could lay in bed and sleep/be miserable. God love him.
And then, two nights this week he has washed dishes for me with only minimal and very subtle hints from me. I repeat, God love him. That's right everyone, no dishwasher. When we bought our house with the brilliant idea of remodeling there was no dishwasher on site. This was supposed to be remedied immediately but 5 years down the road and still washing by hand. Yuck. Bet you know what's on my bday list for this year!
In short, with our 7 year anniversary coming up he has really picked a good time to remind me how wonderful he is. And, now that I know what a beotch I've been (and knowing is half the battle) maybe I can manage to turn my frown upside down and make it to year 8! Ha!
I'll post Christmas pics and recap soon. I really should actually do some work today but still feeling vacation-any from my time off . . . .

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