Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time Warp

Where oh where did the time go? I just realized I still have not blogged about Christmas, oops. How about we just say I did, huh? It feels a little lame to blog about Christmas the 2nd week of January . . . so I'm going to assume most of you saw my pics on facebook and can imagine the day for yourselves. Suffice to say Emma now adores Santa Claus and I'm still trying to find a way to fit all of her stuff into the house. One other quick note- orange juice and a new laptop do not mix.

Christmas Day-Jeremy opens his brand new laptop from yours truly.

20 minutes later- Emma spills orange juice all over the keyboard.

Two days later- I spend $400 more than I originally spent to replace it at Best Buy because of course they do not have super deals going after Christmas.

Now- Broke as a joke. Sigh.

During December I decided to be frivolous and spend some of my Christmas bonus money from work on this little baby: a Nikon D3000 camera. I bought a package deal that included the camera, 2 lenses, and a case. Aaah. I love taking pictures so I've been lusting after a nice DSLR for some time. When Best Buy put this little beauty on special it was just meant to be. Now I just have to figure out how to work all the little bells and whistles and how to splurge on the other lens I want and the external flash. I feel a photography class in my future.
I was responsible with my Christmas bonus as well; I paid off a lingering hospital bill from one of Emma's asthma stays, bought Christmas presents, and paid the ob-gyn bill for the yet to be born baby #2. God bless Christmas bonus money! Jeremy also got a Christmas bonus and spent his on a new Trek road bike. My hubby is quite the Lance Armstrong these days; first a mountain bike last December and now the road bike. No, I have not been up a mountain lately after the last disastrous ride, but I have ridden my bike some. Safety first with Baby #2 on board! And, for those inquiring minds that want to know, Jeremy does have some spiffy spandex bicycle shorts that he wears when he rides. But he mans them up by wearing something over them. And after riding myself I totally see why padded shorts are necessary- I mean is anyone's butt seriously small enough to fit on those skinny little seats comfortably?!
Jeremy and I were officially married 7 years on January 4th! Yay us! We have actually been together 11 years if you count the dating period. That's a super long time folks; 60% of my life has been with Jeremy. He's a great hubby and the best daddy ever. Since our anniversary fell on a Monday, and Emma was sick, we're going to celebrate this weekend by renting a cabin at the lake on Saturday night while Em stays with MeMe and PopPop. A cold night, roaring fire, movies and popcorn= romance central baby!
Now that my morning sickness is almost completely gone I can actually think about romance again! Ha! Speaking of Baby #2, I have officially graduated to about 50% maternity clothes in week 15. This is much sooner than with Emma; I was in month 5 before I had to resort to maternity clothes. Oh well. My vanity demanded that I break out the maternity clothes so that I would look more pregnant as opposed to just fat. It's amazing how many people will think you're just packing on the pounds when you wear normal clothes, but break out the maternity shirts and you instantly go from fat to pregnant.

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Dave and Jenn said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Seven years - that's fantastic!

I will have to check out your Christmas pictures on Facebook - I was completely MIA on there during the holiday break.

And congrats on the Christmas bonuses! I wish we had those!