Monday, January 25, 2010

Who wants to be a millionaire?

ME! That's right. And I will too once I invent a cough/cold/sinus medicine that any paranoid pregnant woman can take. The plague had descended on the Johnson household. All 3 of us have been sick this past week with sinusy yucky colds. Emma's kicked her asthma into overdrive so I had to keep her home two days last week for round the clock asthma treatments, but luckily Jeremy was kind enough to not fall flat on his face with the plague until today.

He got up at 4 am to go to work and yours truly was up to blow my nose and take some tylenol (THE only medicine I feel comfortable taking while pregnant) to help with the sinus migraine. I promptly got back into our lovely new bed (pics to come later) and was woke back up around 5am to the sound of a door closing and someone walking around in the kitchen. Um, that's not right. So I did what any sane mother home alone with her child would do-I grabbed my cell phone, punched in 911 and had my finger hovering over the send button, grabbed my handy-dandy 9mm handgun in the other and went to investigate. Luckily for my surprised hubby I'm not trigger happy because he had turned around and come back too sick to work. Instead of a shot to the chest (I'm wicked accurate) he got a good scolding for scaring 10 years off my life! Geez! Needless to say I couldn't go back to sleep after that debacle.

I think Emma and I are on the upside of the cold; she went back to daycare today and my nose no longer drips like a faucet. Minor improvement on my part but welcome nonetheless.

I scored this little baby from work on Friday thanks to a perfect safety record in 2009: a TomTom gps. Congrats to me for not getting any paper cuts or falling out of my desk chair once! Just kidding. I'm not out on the tracks everyday like a lot of our people but I do have to go to a lot of job/construction sites and I do work around the tracks a lot with track engineering/layouts, etc. So I guess for a white-hat (nickname given to all management due to the fact that we are distinguished from other RR employees by a white safety hat-sexy I know) I've done alright.
I had bought Jeremy a GPS two years ago but never had it handy for myself when I desperately needed it, i.e. in the boonies of southeast AR trying to find a particular greenfield site for a customer. Yeah. So I'm really loving having one of my own. Now if I can just figure out how to trade in the mechanical chick voice for a hot guy voice with a British accent or something I'll be set!
In baby news, Justin and Brittany have found out the sex of their baby, but I'm not allowed to tell yet. B has the inside scoop due to an aunt who can do ultrasounds but her official u/s from the doc isn't until Feb 2. (Mollie get ready for some baby orders!) Mine is Feb 3 and I'm feeling another girl. Jeremy is going to be totally outnumbered. He's still suffering from shock at the fact that Emma said out of the blue yesterday "Mama, I need to go shopping". Aah, I've trained my little grasshopper well. Growing up with all boys he is not prepared for the girliness. I watched laughing hysterically as he tried 3 times yesterday to do Emma's ponytail. So wish I had the camera so I could have shared the first two misattempts!

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Dave and Jenn said...

I can't wait to hear what you're having! And I'm cracking up that Emma told Jeremy she needs to go shopping - good girl!

I'm sorry you guys have been sick - that is no fun at all. But congrats on the TomTom!