Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pink or Blue?

That seems to be the only thing on peoples' minds these days- are we having a boy or a girl? I'm 18 1/2 weeks pregnant now, and I've got to tell you time really seems to have flown right by. I can remember with Emma it seemed like it took FOREVER to actually make it to the gender reveal ultrasound . . .

Justin and Brittany find out the sex of their baby (for sure) today. If you'll recall B has an aunt who has been sneaking ultrasounds on her so we're pretty sure of the sex, but she's holding on making a formal announcement until the doc confirms today. Mollie- get ready for some more embroidery orders cause I have some awesome ideas for PRJ! (tentative name for the baby-I've taken to calling the baby by its initials so I don't mess up and reveal the sex before Justin and B are ready!) Why oh why do they give me secrets to keep!!

In other news, I'm still working on finishing up our bedroom with its brand new furniture. I refuse to post pics until I have a finished product so you'll just have to wait a little longer. I'm also getting ready to focus on Emma's room. We've decided to move the baby furniture from her room to the new nursery and give her a big girl bed, which she is super excited about. We are going to use some beautiful furniture that my mom-in-law gave us; it was her's when she was younger and it gorgeous white with flower details. I'll need to spiff up the paint some but it will be wonderful and so cute I could just die. I'm also going to stick with the same decor Emma has now because I found her exact crib bedding made for a full size bed. Score! So, I'm going to order the quilt and reposition and repurpose some stuff, but it will be awesome! To me this room is too matchy matchy, so just the quilt please. And I could throw up over the cotton candy pink walls. ugh! But that's just me.
Lots of stuff to do!
We'll find out the sex of baby #2 tomorrow so stay tuned!

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