Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Fever!

Dear Spring,
Please hurry up already. I know that I normally enjoy Winter far more than the average person, but I'm kind of over it now and would really like to see you make an appearance. So, please forgive me for cheating on you with Winter.

I'm a little desperate for some sunshine-can you tell? I think I've got the winter-is-almost-over-blahs. Either that or little man is still zapping all my strength . . .and brain power . . . memory . . .etc. (Still no name for little man-Jeremy is "working on it".) He obviously underestimated my lack of patience and nagging skills if he thinks that excuse is going to fly much longer! But I am seriously worn out-all the time. 2nd trimester is supposed to be awesome-exhaustion behind you and you're still not too fat and uncomfortable- so why am I still dragging butt all the time? I blame it on the weather. 100%. Give me some sunshine and vitamin D and I'll perk right up, I hope. Doc visit in a week or so and I think I'm going to talk to him and make sure I'm not anemic or something else that could be dragging me down energy wise.

So come on Spring! My favs that I always look forward to are:

  1. Easter candy. Ahhh. Lucky for me all stores celebrate holidays like 3 months in advance so I've already indulged in some Cadbury Creme Eggs. Yum! And, in hopes of avoiding the yearly Cadbury Egg War with Jeremy I've hidden these bad boys in my office at work. Ha!

  2. Girl Scout Cookies. Notice a theme here? I bought some from a friend's daughter and have also stashed those bad boys in my office. I really don't like to share my chocolately goodness.

  3. Open toe shoes. I just bought the cutest pair of Jessica Simpson wedge shoes at Amazon for $29! Brand New! They retail for like $78. Perfect for pregnancy-slight addition of height but super comfortable. So far all of the JS shoes I've bought have been super comfy. These look much better in person. And props to me for not also purchasing a leopard print pair that I fell in love with also. Super power control.

  4. Hobo Joe's. The most awesome shaved ice stand in the world. Emma and I will go there after I pick her up from daycare and eat our shaved ice at the park.

  5. Bronzing/Tanning. I'm naturally darker complected but nothing says spring/summer to me like a good tan. Back in the day I used to go to tanning salons all the time (managed one forever so I'm like an expert). But as I get closer to the big 3-0 I've decided it's time to take better care of my skin, so no more tanning. Sigh. I'll stick to the fake bake and spray tans (when I can afford them). So girls- I need recommendations on a good fake tan product please! No pasty white skin for this girl!

  6. Pedicures. Nothing says lovin' like have some chick scrubbing, polishing, and painting up your tootsies.

  7. Hello Skin! No more sweaters! And Jeremy's 2 most hated articles of clothing in the world can be sprung from the depths of my closet once again- capris and bermuda shorts.

  8. Sunshine and Outdoor Time. Emma loves to play outside so this gives me plenty of time to fiddle in the yard. I like to garden when the mood strikes. Shocking right?

  9. My Birthday! This really should have been #1. My big day falls right on the first day of spring, convenient right? This year I only have one gift in mind- a dishwasher. Terribly sad that I'm asking for a dishwasher for my birthday, but much much sadder to continue washing dishes by hand! Our home renovations are just not making it to the kitchen fast enough and I've been more than patient so bring on the appliances!


Dave and Jenn said...

Why does Jeremy hate capris and Bermuda shorts? They are both cute!

Love the shoes you found!

I am also VERY tired of this cold grossness. I could shoot that stupid groundhog for predicting 6 more weeks of winter. I just keep telling myself that the worst is over and the best days are yet to come!

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

I am with you on all counts. And OH, to have a Hobo Joe again!!!!