Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A lot has been going on around the Johnson household lately; I'm not quite ready to discuss all of the possible changes headed our way so sorry for being cryptic. And, before imaginations go into overdrive . . . 1)Jeremy and I are not getting a divorce-still in love thankyouverymuch, 2)Emma is well, and 3)as-yet-unnamed-baby is still healthy and busy kicking the crap out of me. The possible changes coming our way are all good things.

But I didn't write this post just to tease you about something I'm not ready to talk about yet; I would like to pass on a little advice that I received and has really kick started all of these possible changes for us. A man that I admire greatly asked me a very pointed question the other day when I was struggling with some touch decisions.

"Why are you afraid of change?"

Hmmm, when you put it like that it's kind of tough to justify all of my concerns. I suppose I'm afraid of change/the unknown because I absolutely positively hate to fail at anything. And changing what you're used to (especially if its working for you) opens you up to possible failure. Yikes!

But as I thought through his question I realized that the only way I'll know if something new is good for our family is to give it a shot. The worse that can happen is we hate the change and just go back to the way things were before (sort of). So, I've made a (very late) New Year's Resolution- be brave and embrace change. We're going to try something new and see if it works out. Hopefully a kind friend will bring the fire extinguisher if we crash and burn!

And, since you may have noticed at the beginning of this post- still no name for baby boy. I've left the decision up to Jeremy once we narrowed our list of possibles down to a couple with the tried and true veto method. As usual my absolute lack of patience has me banging my head against the wall since we STILL don't have a name. But, I do have a diaper bag! We started a tradition of purchasing one baby item following the ultrasound where we find out the gender. So, I bought this little beauty. Plastic on the outside for quick cleanup-mommy heaven.
And, I'm using the following as inspiration for his nursery. Since we're reusing Emma's white furniture I'm even contemplating painting color blocks on the furniture as well. Remember-change is good! I'm still having problems finding bedding I like though. I remember having this dilemma with Emma's room as well!

So, to all my friends out there- don't take as long as I did to realize that change is a good thing. God has a plan for all of us and sometimes that includes pushing us out of our comfort zone. Don't fight Him-you won't win!!

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Dave and Jenn said...

Okay, is there any way I can get a friend-only hint about what these changes might be? Is it something we talked about when you were visiting in November?

Cute diaper bag and baby boy room colors!

Dave says you should name the baby after him. {Insert eye roll here}