Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Fever - Part Deux

My cheery and optimistic outlook on life tells me that the lovely Spring weather I'm craving will be here in time for us to take a mini-vacation during Spring Break. (Please, please, please be right!) Sooo, I'm taking a few days off later this month and the Johnson's are heading to Memphis. Woot!

The three of us are huge zoo fans and let's face it, the Little Rock zoo sucks hard core. Hard. Core. On the other hand, 2.5 hours away is one of the most fantastic zoos in the world- so here we come! We'll also probably go to the Botanical Gardens and I'm sure I can squeeze in some shopping as well.

Since I'll be using most of my vacation time to supplement maternity leave I just couldn't stand the thought of not having even a small, tiny little get-away. What can I say? Spring fever makes you do unexpected things like plan trips on 3 weeks notice and purchase Disney on Ice tickets for your Mickey Mouse loving child. ( I have yet to tell Jeremy of our impending plans-he's sure to be super thrilled to spend a Saturday night with thousands of screaming kids and cartoon characters on ice skates). :)

Also, we FINALLY decided on a name for little man- Seeley Alan. You pronounce his name almost exactly as its spelled- See-Lee. Not sealy-there's no a in there-he's not an animal. We wanted something unique and I think this fits the bill perfectly. Alan comes from Jeremy's dad- John Alan.

Ahhh, I can cross "decide on baby name" off my to do list. One down, one million to go!


Mollie said...

We got Disney on Ice Tickets too! We are going Friday morning...when are all going?

Steph said...

Mollie- we're going to go on a Saturday night. Didn't want to take off work for it . . .I guess I should have checked to see if tickets were cheaper on different days. We wound up paying around $100 for the three of us.

Dave and Jenn said...

How did you come up with Seeley? I have not heard it before!

Jeremy is going to love Disney on Ice. I can just feel it.