Friday, March 4, 2011

Love is a Battlefield

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Most husbands and wives argue about money or parenting techniques or even household chores. While hubs and I have our occasional "discussions" on these topics, our battles of late have revloved around two things:
That's right folks. Gauntlets get thrown when it comes to Dr. Pepper and Cadbury Eggs, two of the best culinary delights in the world. Our history with Cadbury Eggs is well noted, the Dr. Pepper is a recent addition to the list due to my desperate (and unwanted) need for caffeine.
See, the hubs suffers from gluttony. He just can't help himself. Or so he claims when I find him in a chocolate and caffeine induced coma.
I've recently made a big push to be healthier. Eat better, focus on getting into a good exercise routine. And I've had moderate success. I'm making it to the gym around 4 times a week (not great but good), I'm eating better meals, and my junk food and caffeine intake is at a minimum.
But for those moments when chocolate and caffeine are a must I have my "emergency stash". I can make a 4 pack of Cadbury eggs and a 6 pack of the mini Dr. Peppers last 2-3 months. Or I could, if hubs would stop stealing them. See when I need them, I NEED them and I've almost resorted to violence upon finding my last Cadbury Egg or Dr. Pepper missing. The only thing stopping the violence is potential jail time. I couldn't make it in jail. Too many germs.
I've managed to find hiding places for my Cadbury Eggs, but the Dr. Pepper is a little harder. So, if the next time you're at my house you find some Cadbury Eggs in a random place, say hanging out inside a box of tampons, just put them back and whatever you do, don't tell Jeremy!


dave and jenn said...

Ha ha! I love this "war" that goes on between you two every Easter. That would bug me to no end to find out he had eaten (or drank into) my secret stash.... What about hiding the Dr. Pepper cans in pairs of your boots?? They might make nice boot shapers too. :)

Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns said...

I hide Ryan's dip in my tampons! LOL. One time he found it and I knew that he did because I smelled "tampon" on his hands. You know how they are scented!?