Friday, February 25, 2011

How you doin?

Mama's better lock up their daughters cause I've got a ladies man on my hands!

Last Friday Seeley had tubes placed in his ears. Poor little guy has had 6 ear infections since November and the ENT said his ears looked terrible. The ENT saw him on Tuesday and scheduled the surgery for Friday, that's how bad his ears were. Long story short-he did fantastic! Emma had tubes at 1 and she totally freaked out in recovery so I was kind of dreading this surgery. They brought Mr. Big out to me once he was awake and he fussed a little bit because he was hungry but as soon as he finished his bottle he was laughing and playing. Unbelievable!! All of the nurses were super impressed and very charmed by our little guy.

Which brings me to the ladies man portion of this story. When the surgery was scheduled from the ENT's office I had to go straight to the hospital to fill out the admissions paperwork so all would be ready on Friday. Seeley was pretty tired so he slept until I was almost finished with the paperwork. The admissions office was full of women and plenty of them poked their heads in throughout the admissions process to peek at Seeley. At one point there were 6 women in the office cooing over him while he was sleeping, and while they were there Cassanova decided to wake up. He sat up and looked around until he noticed his audience. They were all gushing over him "Awww." "He's so cute" etc.

I died out laughing because it was like all of a sudden he was wide awake. He sat up straight, spit his paci out onto the desk, smiled his biggest smile, and started waving at them. I kid you not. He has NEVER waved at anyone before without being prompted. Of course the ladies ate it up which just encouraged him to wave harder and start jabbering. I swear it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

But who can blame the ladies? He is quite the stud-muffin. I mean look at those big beautiful blue eyes! Couldn't you just die?!

I guess you've got to start working the ladies at a young age. Daddy was super proud.

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