Monday, April 25, 2011

Emma's Best Week Ever

Emma's latest and greatest catch phrase is "This is the best day ever!!". She says this at least twice a day thanks to her new favorite Disney character, Rapunzel from Tangled. We seriously watch this movie once a week. Three times in a row the first day we had it. I'm getting close to being able to quote the movie line by line . . . And if you know me, you know that Disney movies are my guilty pleasure. I have around 60+ Disney cartoons that I began collecting even before having kiddos. You name it and I've got it. Sooo, I'm kinda right there with Em in loving it.

This week I took some time off work and Emma and I had a girls day. Thanks to a super sweet girl I went to high school with we had some awesome rink side seats at Disney on Ice. In fact, as I was sitting there I realized that we had our own little mini MCHS section! Ha! I surprised Em with the outing and we met up with our BFF's Mollie, Baylie, and Allie for a little Princess action. Disney on Ice has never failed us, the shows are always good. And if it can keep a 3 year old's attention you know that's some good stuff!

After Disney on Ice we went to lunch at the Purple Cow

and then did some shopping. Sooo much easier shopping with one kiddo versus two. Seeley is an excellent shopper, but Emma must be watched at all times and dividing your attention between two kids doesn't allow for a lot of quality shopping. Sometimes when I've been particularly frazzled I've thought about investing in one of those kiddie leashes . . . .

Emma also had an Easter party at school,

church in her "lovely" new dress,

and a visit from the Easter Bunny and some egg hunting with Seeley and her cousins Parker and Holton.

Whew! I am one tired Mama!

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dave and jenn said...

That does sound like a pretty great week! Maybe one day in the future Jade and I can join you for Disney on Ice. :)