Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Now I know . . .

. . . that dogs like Cadbury Eggs. A lot.

Rosie and Maybell, aka the fat asses, busted into my stash of Cadbury Eggs and ate ALL 20 of them. 20. And they still lived to tell the tale. Unfortunately.

. . . .that Seeley is going to be a big fan of climbing.

I discovered this when I turned my head and he climbed from the chair to the coffee table. Fun times ahead.

. . . .that 2 full size carseats will not fit into the back of a Civic Si.

Well, actually I already knew that. Jeremy played dumb and got a big ol' dose of "I told you so" along with a new vehicle. New as in a used Honda CR-V. He's lucky I didn't push a minivan on him, ha!

. . . . just how hard it is to back up a 10ft trailer.

What do I get for offering to help the hubs out by hauling the trash to the dump? A big load of embarassement that's what!! The dump was super crowded which made navigation a nightmare. End result- a nice worker backed the trailer up for me amid smirks from the rest of the male population that was watching. I made Jeremy promise to take me to an empty parking lot soon so I could practice.

. . . . that I hate dumps. And men who frequent them. And living in the county where there is not trash pick-up.

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