Thursday, July 28, 2011


So according to the dictionary the word suprise can mean either (noun) an act or instance of surprising or being surprised or (verb) to make an unexpected assault.

I'm still unsure which category this little guy falls into.

Meet the newest member of the Johnson Zoo: Jeremy's 8 wk old male chihuahua puppy. Who is yet unnamed. And according to Emma is her puppy.

Last night Jeremy walks in the door from a quick trip to Walmart and says "Surprise!" while holding this little guy. Last time I checked chihuahuas didn't come with a bar code so my first response was "What is that?!" Followed by "Where in the hell have you been and what have you done?!".

I'm thinking he has bought me a puppy. Because typically, when someone is holding something and says "surprise" it usually is a gift for someone else. But no, the puppy is for HIM. A brand new puppy in OUR house purchased without my knowledge. Surely this goes against the marriage rules, right?

Being the sweet wife that I am, and after loving on this adorable little guy, I accepted the newest member of our household graciously. And knowing that I get a free pass in future helps. As I told the hubs, this free pass entitles me to do something major without consulting him first, AND he absolutely cannot get mad or say one word about it.

And in case you're wondering, Bella does not yet appreciate her new friend. There was a lot of growling at the puppy and sulking. She spent most of the evening on the back of the couch pouting.


dave and jenn said...

Ooh, Bella has competition! And Jeremy clearly has an obsession with dogs. :)

Steph said...

You think Jenn? Our dog family is now 10 strong. However, Jeremy did say that he was going to give or sell his beagles to a friend who still trial hunts. If that magical day occurs we'll be back down to 5 or 6 dogs! Which for my Dr. Doolittle of a hubs is a feat! :)