Monday, August 1, 2011

Lovely little weekend

The newest member of the zoo officially has a name now: Pancho!! There is a long story and joke behind this name, but at least its better than Emma's recommendation, Retard. :) And in case you're wondering where she learned such foul language you can blame me. I may occasionally call Bella a retard when she does something unbelievably stupid or annoying. Oops. A long discussion about name calling followed, along with Mommy's promise to stop as well.

Seeley likes to sit in Emma's chair and push her out of it. Sibling rivalry begins.

Nap time! Bella is a sucker for nap time. The fact that I woke her up taking pictures earned me her annoyed look.

Following nap time we had dress up time. Emma has a mountain of dress up clothes and accessories. I believe this particular look was called "Special Princess". I didn't quite understand her explanation of the differences between just a regular princess and a special princess, but she clearly knew.

Seeley even got in on the action by wearing some of Emma's shoes. He's obsessed with these because they light up. It's a little hard to tell but they are clear with rhinestone butterflies on the straps. Very manly and macho!

Climbing is See's favorite new trick. He will climb anything! I returned to the kitchen from a 30 second bathroom break and found him on top of the counter. Lovely! He learned very quickly how to push things over to stand on top of and then climb; nothing is safe any longer.

His first "crash". He did a nose dive at Nanny's house right into the dirt and gravel while playing in the backyard. The new joke is that Nanny beats him. Or just pushes him down. She has been devastated that this occurred under her watch! :)

Look at my little man! He is just getting too big too quick. He doesn't even look like a baby anymore, but he still gives the best snuggles. He is definitely a Mama's boy. When Daddy tries to get in on our snuggle time he'll give Daddy a quick hug and then shove him away like "Ok, that's all you get big guy. Mommy is all mine!" And if Daddy and Mommy try to sneak in a hug Seeley will come and push us apart then grab onto me and hug me tight.

Hubs and I actually went on a date Saturday night. Wow right?! The last time we went on a date was last November. 2010. Yikes! I tried to take a picture but hubs was having none of it.

Sunday we had a dirty day. :) We decided to skip church and just sat around playing and being lazy in our pajamas all day. Before you call DHS the kids were not actually dirty, they had baths Saturday afternoon. We just let them keep their bed hair all day Sunday, which Emma absolutely loves. :) Teeth brushing is still mandatory.

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dave and jenn said...

I love that picture of Emma playing dres up! Glad y'all got to have date night too. :) Boo on Jeremy for not allowing a picture!