Friday, August 19, 2011

Word of the Week

This week's word is ORGANIZED. As in Emma's room is so totally not ORGANIZED. And it was driving me insane!!

It doesn't help that my child has more toys than our house can comfortably hold. And since a new house is not really in the budget at this time (thanks super outrageous preschool prices!) it was either get organized or slowly lose my grip on sanity.

Previously all of Emma's toys were thrown into storage bins. Which meant that anytime she wanted a specific Barbie, or God forbid a lost Barbie shoe, everything in the bins would wind up in the floor. And I really think she forgot about some of her toys simply b/c they were buried at the bottom. So, in comes this little baby:

And in order to maximize on play space this bad boy is taking up residence in her closet. Right now we're in the process of replacing all the interior doors in our house and I've got to admit that I kind of like the open concept of Emma's closet. And since there's no way to install doors and still have good access to this lovely and organized new toy storage device, I'm going to install a curtain rod and just hang curtains over the closet. For now.

This was my $10 solution to our hairbow dilemma. The ballerina plaque was 1/2 off at my favorite store in the world, Hobby Lobby. Add a little ribbon to the bottom and you have yourself a brand new bow holder. Now if I can just find the rest of the missing bows . . . .

This is Emma's dress up corner. The little plaque reads "Once upon a time" and is super cute. Now Emma can display her favorite dresses. I'm still trying to locate a good chest for the rest of her massive dress up collection, but the cute basket will work for now.

One room down, an entire house to go . . .ugh. I'm cringing at the mere thought of trying to organize Jeremy's side of the master bedroom. There may or may not be live organisms growing under his piles of junk . . .

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dave and jenn said...

Love the curtain idea for the closet. Very cool!