Monday, August 22, 2011

New and Noteworthy

My child is a climbing genius. Seriously.

This scene is not unusual at our house. I can literally leave the room for 10 seconds to potty and when I come back See-man has pushed a chair or something over to a counter or table and will just be chillin' on top of it. He even climbed into his own high chair this morning! Can everyone see my hair turning gray?!

And apparently hell froze over. How do I know you ask? Easy- my hubs got a Facebook profile. Something he swore he would never ever EVER do. And now he's turned it into a friend competition. (Because we're not the least bit competitive . . .) Particularly among those people who work at the railroad. Jeremy likes to joke that he's not there anymore but still has more railroad friends than I do. Well duh! The hubs actually worked with them, I'm just another "white hat" in the office. (White hat is the term used for managers by the train service guys-our hard hats are white.) Although out of all the managers I am the nicest to them and always stop to talk and ask about their families. But, at the end of the day I'm still seen as a white hat and there's the whole office politics and invisible line that inevitably shows up between managers and hourly employees. I told Jeremy to stop trying to get me some pity "adds" from his friends. I have my own friends thankyouverymuch.

This sweet little LAMB crossover has become my new best friend. February through August are my busy travel months at work. As a matter of fact I'll be leaving for my second trip, in the past 30 days, to Omaha next week. I hate lugging my laptop bag and normal ginormous handbag through airports so I decided I needed a small little crossover that would allow me to have the bare essentials but keep my hands free. Since I'm not a huge fan of small bags I decided to splurge on this LAMB; If I'm going to carry a tiny bag it needs to be something I love that way I'll force myself to use it often in order to amortize the cost. Brilliant and logical right?!

Emma has finally decided on a theme for her birthday:

This is a fairly new cartoon on Disney and she loves it. We've gone back and forth over the past few months on what kind of theme she wanted but she finally picked this one. And now its a done deal because I've already started ordering decorations and goodies for the treat bags. Yay for Halloween and all the handy pirate stuff!!

I signed up for my BFF Mollie's Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure team. It's been a few years since I've attended this event but it was always fun. This will be the first year that Mollie has had a team and I think there will be a lot of fun girls going. We'll see if I actually run the 5K or just walk, it will depend on what the majority of the team wants to do. I've been prepping to run just in case. My poor body is so confused; it doesn't seem to remember that 10 years ago I could run a 5K easy as pie. So far I've been able to make it up to 2 miles without killing myself, so hopefully by October I'll be at 3.2 miles in time for the race. It's a lot harder to fit working out into my routine with two little ones. Right now I have to squeeze my trips to the gym into my lunch break at work (when I can get one) and then sneak out of the house early on Saturday mornings to run before the kids wake up. :)

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dave and jenn said...

I was shocked when I saw that Jeremy was on Facebook - seriously!

I love LAMB shoes and handbags - enjoy your splurge!