Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1st day of School

The big news in our house this week was school starting. Of course, the kiddos have been still going to preschool during the summer but the schedule has been a little different. They've spent two days of every week at one of the grandma's houses and the preschool schedule has been a little different as well; water days, etc. Now we're back to hard core preschool where learning is the first priority. :)

As typical my kiddos wouldn't cooperate for first day of school pictures. This is the best I could get. Sigh.

(Don't judge my filthy car. It was clean before I had kids promise. Now I swear there is something growing between the seats and console. I think its living on the french fries that have found their way down there. I do plan to address this soon. Hopefully.)

I was a little worried about how yesterday was going to go. Seeley was moving up to the 1 year old class. Big changes included sleeping on a cot versus a crib. Miss Cassie said he did terrific though. And my anxiety was definitely reduced because Miss Cassie also happens to be a friend and I knew she would look after my little man cause she adores him. All the ladies love Seeley. :)

Emma was moving to a new class as well. For 3 of the 4 years she's been in daycare/preschool she has had the same teacher, Ms. Lisa. We love Ms. Lisa. The running joke is that she is Emma's school mommy, but it is so true in many ways. This year she has a new teacher and I think Ms. Lisa and I took it harder than she did. Her new teacher said that Emma got sad a few times during the day but she was able to distract her with a new project that cheered her up. Em is a little shy when it comes to new situations but at the end of the day her teacher said she did fantastic. All the ladies love Emma too. :)

One way I helped Emma get excited about her new class and teacher was by really treating it like a first day of school. She got new shoes (light up Skechers that she had been dying for), got to wear a skirt (very rarely do I allow this-it's just not conducive to playgrounds), and a brand new backpack from my BFF Mollie at Personally Stitched.

She thought she was hot stuff. I had to laugh on Monday morning because she was concerned that her friends wouldn't like her shoes. How funny is that? And isn't she a little young to be worried about that already? She packed her backpack herself the night before. And of course I repacked it on Monday morning with the stuff she would actually need instead of the 5 Barbies and other toys she had thrown in. Ha! She looks so grown up carrying it that I was definitely a little sad.

As it turns out her friends loved her shoes and her backpack so all was right in the world of my big girl. Seeley had a glowing report and lots of snuggle time from Miss Cassie. Not a bad first day of school!

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dave and jenn said...

I think you got great pictures! Glad they had a great first day!