Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Traditions

A few of our family Christmas traditions:

 The Christmas lights at Garvan Woodland Gardens.

 The Santa Train.

Riding on the Santa Train.  Because who wouldn't want to ride on a train, right?!

Seeing Santa on the Santa Train.  This Santa is a friend of mine and has been the ONLY Santa that Em has ever seen.

And our newest tradition- the Elf on the Shelf. 

We just started this, and boy has it been fantastic!  If Em even steps the smallest little toe out of line we tell her that "George" will report to Santa that she's being naughty, and BAM, she gets right back in line.  I so wish that George could hang out with us all year long!

Now I'm just crossing my fingers that I can get in one more tradition this year-Christmas cards.  I'm sad to say that I still haven't taken any photos for our cards yet. Oops.  Hoping to get that done this weekend and then a rush order on cards. 


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

What great traditions! I love the Santa train! I heard somewhere that a town actually does the Polar Express train where the kids come in their pj's. How cool is that?

We didn't do the Elf this year. I figured Jamie was still too young, but I can't wait until he actually gets it!

Steph said...

Mrs. EyeCanSee-As the "expert" on trains (and boy do I use that term loosely) I happen to know there is a holiday train at Union Station you can check out. I don't think they give train rides, but hey, if you're ever in AR feel free to give me a call! Ha!

Also, my 18 month old could care less about the elf, so good call.

dave and jenn said...

I need to brush up on this Elf on a Shelf stuff. I know we have some time, but I'm intrigued that everyone keeps talking about it.

Dave and I are already starting to practice hiding gifts from Jade and talking about Santa. Even though we know she will have no idea if we slip up!