Monday, December 19, 2011

A little bit of this . . .

Babies, babies, and more babies.
I have a sweet friend who is expecting a baby boy in May and my sister-in-law is expecting a baby girl the same month.  So excited to start buying baby gifts after Christmas.  Emma is super excited to have another girl in the family; so far she has been completely outnumbered by the boys- 3 to 1.

Back to school I go.
I finally bit the bullet.  I'm starting graduate school in the Spring.  Lord, please help me.  I still have no idea how I'm going to find the time to do this.  Geez, I can barely find the time between work and the kids now to make sure that my house is clean.  I suppose everyone who comes to visit me will just have to step over the toys and look the other way if dust is visible. :)

The zoo is shrinking.
We're down 5 dogs.  Woo hoo!  No, they didn't die.  I'm not so cold hearted that I would say woo hoo about that.  They were sold to a friend who still trial hunts and needed some good dogs.  All I can say is buh-bye.  See you around suckers!

Fowl news.
Hubs brought home two ducks.  I guess he thought the loss of 5 dogs meant we needed to replace them with something.  Ugh.  And wouldn't you know, Emma and Seeley love those stupid ducks.  Rosetta and Donald.  Unfortunately Donald didn't make it.  Can you tell how heartbroken I am?  Rosetta is apparently made of sterner stuff and is currently residing in a storage container on my dining room table.  Double ugh.  Hubs says this is just temporary until he can get Rosetta a warm outdoor habitat.  I pray that happens soon.  Ducks stink.  Literally.  And I catch her head picking out of the storage container eyeballing me as I walk around the house.  Creepy.

Ornament theif, thy name is Pancho.
Hubs' dog eats Christmas ornaments.  His favorite are the glitter balls from Emma's tree.  Don't let the sweet face fool you- stone cold thief with an iron stomache.

New favorite game.
Keep away from the rats.

New favorite question.
Can I open my presents YET?!

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dave and jenn said...

Two words: duck stew.