Thursday, January 12, 2012

Letters to Seeley

Seeley Bop,
Kiddo, I had to forgo the short monthly blurbs because you have been ON FIRE these past few months.  You have grown so much!  You're wearing 24 month clothes and a size 8 shoe.  Your big sister only wears a size 9.  So yeah, you're definitely going to fulfill the doctor's prediction and be taller than both your Daddy and I.  It's so funny to see you and Emma standing side by side; you are this close to being as big as she is!  No one believes us when we tell them you are only 18 months old.

At your 18 month check-up I was a little surprised to see that you hadn't gained much weight.  Well, I can assure you it's not because you go without any meals.  I swear that you are eating from the time you get home from school until we put you to bed at night.  Seriously.  One of your most used words is "snack?!".  You are also always on the go.  You're either climbing on something, running around the house, or climbing on something . . . you are a big climber.  Mommy has lots of gray hairs now.  Thanks.  Luckily, the Lord blessed you with balance and agility.  Otherwise I'm sure we would be making at least 1 hospital trip a week.

We turned your crib into a toddler bed this past month also.  Even though you love to climb you had never tried to climb out of your crib until recently.  And you didn't climb out actually, you climbed in!  So, Mommy decided it might be a good idea to go ahead and let you be a big boy.  Now you wind up in bed with Mommy and Daddy at least every other night.  When you were in your crib you'd just roll over and go back to sleep if you woke up during the night.  Now that you can get out of your bed you go to the baby gate and scream "Ma" until I come and snuggle you into bed with me. And if I don't come quick enough you start shaking the gate like some caged gorilla!  Spoiled much?!  That's ok though, you just want some extra Mommy snuggles.

And speaking of snuggles, you are the sweetest, snuggliest thing in the whole world.  Everyone agrees.  I love it when you snuggle up to me after your bath, or in the mornings.  You either wrap your arms around my neck and squeeze, or you tuck your little arms under you like you're trying to get as close to me as possible.  Melts my heart every time!  Pop Pop is one of your favorite snuggle buddies too.  You'll occasionally share your snuggle time with Parker.

Yes sir, you are sweet and snuggly . . . unless you don't get your way.  My sweet little angel inherited his Daddy's hair-trigger temper.  You have absolutely zero patience.  And when you get mad . . . the you-know-what hits the fan.  Sippie cups become projectiles, you turn your body into dead weight, throw yourself to the floor crying.  In all honesty, right now I can't help but laugh when you do these things.  Right now it's cute.  But we'll have to nip it in the bud pretty soon because it won't be cute forever.  Fair warning.

You've also discovered a love of music and performing.  At your very first Christmas program at school you had the entire audience in tears they were laughing so hard at you.  (And the reason this is not on film is because your Daddy forgot the camcorder.)  You were sitting with your class in your little chair on the stage and you were stomping your feet, swaying back and forth, shaking your head.  And smiling the cheesiest grin I have ever seen every time you would look at me.  It's like you were saying "Hey Mom!  Check me out!  I'm so awesome!" Absolutely priceless.  Random strangers were coming up to us after the program so that they could meet you.  My little celebrity!

You are also really interested in the dogs and cat lately.  You insist on feeding Jade every morning. And since you're giving her food, she decides to let you get away with pulling her tail and squeezing her neck.  You also love to squeeze on Bella, who also takes it like a champ.  Pancho, not so much.  He pretty much runs whenever you get close. You don't care for him much either, you're always telling him to "go" or "shut-up".

I'm so lucky to have you and I can't wait to see what new things you'll learn next.  I love you!


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dave and jenn said...

He seriously does look older than 18 months!

Oh sweet Seeley, you will be able to buy alcohol without getting carded because you will look 21 before your friends! :)