Thursday, January 19, 2012

Setting a Goal

Last year I set a goal for myself to get my MBA, which meant going back to college after an 8 year hiatus. Ugh. So this semester I've put that plan into action, still not really knowing how I'm going to find the time to do this.  Time is such a precious commodity when you work full time, have little kids, and all those other day-to-day responsibilities that come with being an adult.  I only thought I didn't have time for everything when I was working on my undergrad degree!

Despite not having that tiny little detail worked out, I'm officially a Henderson State University Reddie as of this week.  What's a Reddie you ask?  I didn't know either until I looked it up here. Go figure.  I'm fortunate in that I have three universities all within an hour of my home/work.  Henderson didn't require that I take the GMAT because I had a high GPA- score!

Last night was my first class, Marketing Trends, and one of the two that I'll be taking this semester.  It was really odd to be on a college campus again, to have that little parking sticker on my car.  I remember feeling so at home on UCA's campus (where I got my Bachelor's degree), now I feel like a strange outsider.  This is possibly due to the fact that I am kind of an outsider now.  In my class of 13 there are 7 international students (all young), and the remaining 5 students all graduated with their Bachelor's last spring.  So I'm directionally 8 years older than everyone in my class.  The only one with kids and a full-time job. 

I am officially that person.  The older student that we all remember having in our classes, and didn't really socialize with because we were on totally different planets because of all the differences mentioned above.  That's alright with me though; I'm counting on being a pretty hot commodity soon. See, our major project for this class is to work with a real client and create a marketing plan for their business.  Does this sound familiar to any of my UCA friends?  I'm fairly sure we did like 3 of these for undergraduate classes.  Plus my real life experience.  Oh yeah, if I were one of the young'uns in this class I'd be trying to be my BFF immediately! Ha!

One class down, and one more to go tonight.  At least now I can stop worrying about the classwork; and instead focus on finding the time to actually do the classwork!

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dave and jenn said...

Go Steph! You WILL be a hot commodity - I just know it. They will all learn quickly that you know stuff they just wish they knew.

Play on Facebook some while you're in class, and they'll think you're one of them. :)