Monday, February 13, 2012


We finally have a snow day and I'm at work.  Cause we're kind of like the postman- the stinkin trains are always running.

The accutane has cleared up my face.  But now my skin is so dry that I look like a leper and I've gained 19 pounds. That's right- 19.

I'd forgotten how much time you have to spend on homework.  Instead of taking a nice little nap on Sunday afternoons, or perhaps working on one of my many projects on my crafty to-do list, or watching the Twilight movie that came out on DVD, I'm writing a case analysis.

Last month I was in Florida and it was 80 degrees.  On Wednesday I'm leaving for another work trip, Kansas City this time.  Expected temps are in the 40s.  My body can't take the shock.

Hopefully the week will improve; I would love to add some acceptables to my list!  Ugh, Mondays!


dave and jenn said...

Are you driving to Kansas City? If so, are you going through Fayetteville??

Steph said...

Jenn-Nope, flying. BUT, I do have a little birthday surprise planned for myself around Siloam Springs next month at the end of Spring Break week. I'll get with you as it gets closer and hopefully we can swing by Fayetteville and see you guys!