Wednesday, February 22, 2012

V-Day Review

Yes, I'm a little late with this.  But with my blogging track record this should come as no surprise. :)

Since my sweet Emma Lou is always down for a project, we tend to make little goodie bags for any of the preschool holiday parties.  This year we bought little plastic shovels, some candy, and attached cards that said "i dig you".  Both of the kiddos love to see their faces on stuff so I couldn't resist adding a picture.  And why wouldn't they love seeing themselves?  They're gorgeous, right?!

The teacher gifts were the platic tumblers that are all the rage now.


I seriously should have skipped See's party. He was so worried that I was going to leave that he didn't really have any fun. And of course, he freaked out when I left to go back to work. Sigh. So is it a Mom fail when I do go to the party and upset him when I leave, or when I don't go to the party? Ugh.

Emma did much better. Don't you love this forced smile?

Jeremy and I were very low key.  We picked up some take out and played with the kids.  It's amazing how absolutely normal romantic holidays become when you have kids.  It's a lot of work to be romantic!  Maybe when the kids get older we'll finally get back on track and put a little effort into Valentine's Day.  Despite that, not a bad day if I do say so myself!


dave and jenn said...

Haha, your Valentine's evening sounds a lot like ours! Takeout and time with the kid(s).... :)

You are so creative - I'm going to have to recruit your help to brainstorm ideas for Jade's first birthday party.

Steph said...

You bet Jenn! It will be here before you know it!