Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Letters to Emma

Dear Emma,
Mommy has been a big ol' slacker lately; it's been three months since I've written you a letter!  And a LOT has happened in those three months!

Mommy started back to school in January, and you have been such a big girl about it.  You don't complain when I have to go to class, and you only interrupt me about 10 times an hour on the rare occasion that I'm doing homework while you're awake. :)  I think it helps that Daddy always let you eat McDonalds and completely trash the house while I'm at school.  Mean old Mommy always makes you pick up your toys before bedtime!  But it's ok, and I love to hear about the stuff you did with Daddy while I was gone.

You can also write your last name now.  And again, it only took you a few tries to get it down pat my little genius!  You also achieved another milestone- you got your ears pierced!  You did such a good job of wearing Daddy down on that one, I was one proud Mommy to see you work your magic! Good thing those blue eyes and pouty lips don't work on me-I'm on to you sister!  You were so sweet and nervous about getting your ears pierced.  You did really good right up until she pierced the first ear.  And then you were like "Oh no.  That's not happening again!"  Apparently it stung a little more than you were expecting.  You finally let us pierce the other ear after deciding that you didn't want to walk around with just the one earring.  And literally two seconds after your second ear was done you were just fine and dandy.  And now you are so proud of your earrings.  And already asking for new ones to coordinate with each of your outfits.

You are a born shopper, which makes my little heart proud and my checking account sad.  You went shopping with Meme and I one weekend and were a total mercenary.  You were only supposed to end the day with two new outfits.  Instead you had six. SIX!!  Meme and I were total suckers.

Mommy had a birthday this month and you were super sweet about it.  I was very sick and couldn't really celebrate, but you grabbed my iPad, played some songs and danced your little heart out for me.  According to you we were "getting this party started".  You've got some serious moves kiddo.  Daddy is already stressing out about this.  But I've got to tell you- your little dance party absolutely made my day.  You wanted me to have a good birthday so badly, and thanks to you I did!

I've noticed lately that you've picked up a few of Mommy and Daddy's bad habits though.  Such as saying curse words.  Thanks Daddy.  And it should come as no surprise that you've got a temper.  Unfortunately it's a hair trigger temper like Daddy's so we're working on controlling those pesky little impulses like yelling and throwing things.  You don't want to grow up and be a little stinker sweetie pea, so hopefully all these time-outs will start working soon.

You're also extremely persistent.  As in you absolutely refuse to take "no" for an answer.  Persistence is a lovely quality, don't get me wrong, because it will help you achieve your goals in life.  But right now, all it's achieving is headaches.  I still can't wrap my head around the fact that you are so sweet and helpful one minute, and then making me want to pull my hair out the next!  So, that's another little character trait we're going to work on.

Luckily, none of these traits seem to show themselves at school.  Ms. Melba and Ms. Michelle brag on you ALL THE TIME.  They absolutely adore you, and are always telling Mommy how good you are in class and how hard you try to follow the rules and please them.  That makes me and Daddy so proud.

You and Seeley have developed a love/hate relationship here lately as well.  One minute you're both playing so great together and the next all hell has broke loose.  You're kicking him out of your room and slamming doors.  He's grabbing a bat and beating the crap out of you.  Not fun.  But, you still love him.  Even when he's getting on your nerves, which all little brothers are honor bound to do, you will always hug him and love on him after the final beat down.

You have another first coming up soon.  You're starting T-Ball next month!  Mommy and Daddy can't wait.  We've already bought you a glove, helmet, and bat (all pink of course) and we've been practicing so you'll know what to do.  We've even practiced some with Holton, Uncle Brian, and Uncle Justin.  You really got a kick out of that.  We also discovered that you've got quite the arm kiddo.  You can aim and throw really well!! 

And Uncle Brian has introduced you to motorcycles, Lord help me.  Now you're bound and determined to have a dirt bike just like Holton.  Slow down little girl!  I'm just not ready for you to be that big yet!  Can we please stick with the Dora Jeep a little bit longer?!

I love you my little wiggle butt!

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dave and jenn said...

I enjoyed seeing you all last weekend! And I love the new blog look!