Thursday, June 10, 2010

Operation Nursery-Mission Completed!!

We have finally, Finally, FINALLY finished Seeley's room. And only three weeks to spare-why was I so concerned? (please note the sarcasm)

I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out. I wanted something that suited a boy, but a baby boy if that makes any sense. I didn't want his room to feel too grown up so I opted for a blue and green color scheme with frog accents and we used Emma's white nursery furniture to keep the baby feel and also so it would really pop against the blue walls. I used two different shades of blue, along with some green and painted some stripes on one wall for some fun and whimsy. Note to anyone wanting to paint stripes on a wall-use FROG TAPE and run a wet rag over the tape prior to painting to ensure a good adhesion to the wall. I only had to do some minor touching up. Far superior to times when I've tried to use the blue painters tape. Jeremy thought I was nuts the entire time I was taping off the stripes. He just kept saying "But, they're not the same size! There is no rhyme or reason to your stripes!" Exactly.

Fun. Whimsical. Perfect.

When I decided on the theme I was not aware just how difficult it would be to find frog accents. Or rather, frog accents that I liked. I got the bedding from Target, and while I tried desperately to stay away from cutesy characters there just were not a lot of options. The plain color block bedding options in blue and green were not the right shades of blue and green. Then, once I decided on the bedding I had trouble with the mobile. The fabric "shade" over the mobile is actually from Emma's bedding because Seeley's did not come with a shade and it just looked naked without one. A little fabric paint, and voila! A pretty good match if I do say so myself.

Once it came to the artwork I also discovered a serious lack of good choices. So, I decided to make my own! This is one of my favorite pieces, and I think of it more as a keepsake that can hang in his room for years to come. Eventually I'm going to get it framed. I was so excited when I found this seller on Etsy because I had a very similar idea in my head but just had not had the time to sit down and paint it. Painting is so soothing to me, but unfortunately I have not had much time to paint since having Emma. The seller was able to customize this to my specifications, including the scripture and all the little details around it like the train and guitar, etc. The scripture is one of my absolute favorites and it just so happens to be from the Book the hubs was named after.

I think this would make a perfect baby gift for any new baby. Who knows, the next person I know having a baby may get a Stephanie original similar to this! Eventually my brain child will need to make it onto canvas!

I was so happy with the finished product I ordered a painting for Emma as well. She customized it also with the sign saying Emma's Garden and gave the fairy princess Emma's hair and eye color and the pigtails. I think it turned out too adorable for words.

I made the rest of the artwork. What's so great about it is that you don't need to have much time or artistic talent to do these- just a little creativity! Perfect for a busy mommy!

Now all we need is baby Seeley to make the room complete! I'm so ready for our little man to be here.


Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

Looks super cute! Who is that etsy seller? I want to look at their shop!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

So cute...I love they way the stripes came out! We just did horizontal stripes in the entire nursery and I second the fabulousness of frog tape! I hadn't heard the water trick, we just ran a credit card down each one to really set it to the wall and voila! Only areas with mess ups were in the corners.