Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Zoo is expanding!

Last weekend we picked up the newest member of the Johnson Zoo.

Introducing Abby!

Jeremy's 6 week old chocolate lab. Isn't she precious?

She stayed inside with us for the weekend so that Jeremy could get her pen and house situated outside. (We have some holes in our backyard fence and are in the processing of replacing the fence.) Let me tell you, I had forgotten how destructive lab puppies can be. She chewed on everything! EVERYTHING!

1 example of 100- Saturday morning I get up early to take a shower before Em gets out of bed. Since Jeremy is at work I take the puppy into the bathroom with me and leave the door slightly cracked so Emma can get in if she wakes up. In the middle of shaving my legs Emma walks in the bathroom clutching lifesize Mickey. (Literally-he's taller than she is.) After about 2 minutes I hear Em screaming like she's dying. I whip back the shower curtain to see her standing there crying huge gulping tears and pointing at Abby. Abby has decided she likes Mickey too and is dragging him away by the foot. Not cool. You Do Not Mess with Emma's Mickey! Five minutes later I'm finally getting back into the shower to finish shaving my legs. Like I said- 1 small example of how the weekend went.

She is a great dog though and we all just absolutely love her.

In people news, baby Seeley will be here within the next 4 weeks. Yay! Jeremy is putting the cosmetic finishes on the nursery this weekend. Please Lord, let him finish!

And, to help all non-Zoo affiliated personnel, I've included a roll call on the blog now to make it easier to remember who's who. I don't think I forgot any of the 4 legged members . . .

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Dave and Jenn said...

Ha! I love the roll call. And I can't believe Harley is still alive! Are ferrets supposed to live that long? Good for him!