Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Catching Up

So I'm still catching up from my blogging absence. Things have been super crazy at work and since I have absolutely no spare time at home to blog, guess what that means! Crazy work= no blog. I'm getting my priorities straight though and trying to put blogging back on the "to-do" list since I've had some complaints, not to name any names but you know who you are! :)

Santa Train on our Hot Springs branch was its normal adventure and chaos. Remind me again why I subject myself to being the person in charge of this year after year? Oh, the kids. Riiight. This year Emma was super excited about it and begged to ride on the train. Since Jeremy decided to take a break from engineering the train this year he brought the kids to one of the stops and we all got on for a quick ride. Justin, B, and Parker rode with us and so did my good friend from high school Leslie and her adorable little boy Lyric. (I've decided that this is a new tradition for Leslie and I-riding the train with the kids. This is the 2nd year in a row and Lyric absolutely LOVED it!)

I coerced two of our MOW employees (maintenance of way-they do all the work on the track) into being elves and it was AWESOME!! I absolutely love any man who is secure enough to let me dress him up. They were even willing to wear tights but I couldn't find any at the last minute . . .there's always next year! They kept referring to the candy canes as their pimp canes . . .

Seeley thought Elmo the Elf was super, Em was not so sure. Elmo is his real name, swear.

And this is the BEST Santa and Mrs. Claus in the world. Brian retired from AKMD 6 years ago but still comes back to do Santa at one of the stops-14 years in a row! He and his wife are the sweetest couple and spent the whole train ride talking with the kids. Emma was so fascinated-she didn't hesitate to jump on Santa's lap. Her wish list from Santa is a baby doll, specifically the Baby Alive doll wearing purple pajamas) and a Tinkerbell dollhouse.

And since I always get asked the question about 100 times each year- the Santa Train is not a passenger excursion. There's only one way you get to ride on the train . . .you gotta know me! Ha! It's nice to have a little power trip once a year! LOL

I think I may have inadvertently caused a problem though because Emma now insists that Santa travels via "mommy's train". He absolutely does not ride a sleigh and she will argue with you about it until she's blue in the face. Whoops. I guess we'll work on the whole sleigh and reindeer concept next year!

We've hit a few bumps this month as well. Poor Seeley still has an ear infection. We're working on round 3 of antibiotics to try and clear it up. I have a call out to the pediatricians office as we speak to discuss the side effects of this latest antibiotic; mommy is not real thrilled with the way it is upsetting his stomach. I can only take being covered in diaper leakage so many times in one week . . . .not to mention the worry about dehydration. Hello pedialyte!

Also found out I may need surgery. Super. I'll know more by the end of January but more than likely I'll get to have an outpatient procedure during February or March. This does not make mommy happy either-I have this outrageous fear of needles. Having my blood drawn causes me to faint and IV's are pure hell. Ugggh!

On the bright side-Only 11 more days until Christmas! Yay!

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dave and jenn said...

Okay, it cracks me up that Emma thinks Santa travels by "mommy's train" - that is too cute!

I'm sorry to hear that you have to have surgery! That is no fun. I hope everything will be okay. Also no fun about poor Seeley's ear infection. :(