Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Catching Up

Where, oh where, has December gone? Where has 2010 gone for that matter? A "Catch Up" post is necessary.

Emma's Christmas program at daycare. She sang Jingle Bells for two weeks straight prior to this. Everywhere we went she was singing Jingle Bells, only it sounded like Giingule Beullllllls. She has developed this very pronounced Southern drawl and is cracking me up with it as I simultaneously try to nip it in the bud.
The adorable boy in the cap is Em's "boyfriend", Travin. They hold hands when they walk down the hallway together. Hubs is worried. (Travin is the son of a friend from high school and we both think it is hilarious and adorable.)

I took vacation time the week of Christmas and had all these plans for getting stuff done around the house-nada. Accomplished absolutely nothing, but I had fun with the kiddos!

Seeley STILL has an ear infection. Pediatrician says if this third round of antibiotics doesn't knock it out we're ENT bound. Yippie. I was really hoping Mr. Big wouldn't follow in his sister's footsteps and need tubes in his ears. Cross your fingers!

Christmas!!Jeremy just sighed and asked me when I would stop dressing the kids alike.

Santa Hubs was good to me this year.
(Not pictured is a gorgeous new watch to go with my other goodies.)

Jessica Simpson Ruffle Me HoboTOMS gray canvas

My mom also helped me out with my storage space problem. Best solution ever!! This baby holds 3500 books and is the new love of my life. Perfect gift for a book worm.
Baby Weight Loss Weigh In:
13 pounds to go to pre-Seeley weight. Stupid holidays and their stupid chocolately desserts.

12 MORE pounds to go to pre-Emma weight.

14 ADDITIONAL pounds to go to pre-marriage weight.

That's right-39 pounds. Yikes. I'll take your prayers now.

Coming events in the Johnson household:

Possible New Year's Eve party attendance
8 Year Wedding Anniversary

Stay Tuned!!


dave and jenn said...

Happy New Year! I can't believe your EIGHT year anniversary is next week!

Steph said...

Believe it Jenn! Your 8 year is coming up too. . . .what a bunch of old married couples we've become! :)