Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A month later . . .

Yes, I'm finally getting around to posting about Em's Mickey Mouse party. Sad right? I also haven't written anything in Seeley's baby book since his first day in the hospital-Shhhh!

I decided to be a good mommy this year and let Emma pick out the theme for her birthday party-after much debate between Tinkerbell, Disney princesses and Mickey Mouse we finally had a winner. Since our house is not quite large enough to accommodate a crowd we decided to have her party at a church in Hot Springs. I know that sounds weird, but this huge church has the cutest little playroom and they rent it out for parties. There's a great area to have the cake/refreshments and the play area is completely enclosed so the kids can't escape. Perfect! (Quick side note here- I rented the area for 2 hours and felt beyond rushed. The next destination birthday will involve a longer rent time on the room.)

The color scheme was based on this shirt, which I found on Etsy. (You know how I love me some zebra print!) You can't see it in the pictures but she has a pair of black leggings on under the tunic length shirt and red glitter "Dorothy" shoes. I so heart Target! A local girl that is on Facebook made matching hairbows for me.
Decorations/Food:The table looks a little empty and the balloons are all in one giant cluster, but I just flat ran out of time to do anything more. (Rent the room for 3 hours!!) I made the Mickey Mouse heads out of Styrofoam, scrapbook paper, and spray glitter. I now want to spray glitter EVERYTHING! It's addicting.
I made the cupcake toppers to go with the zebra/red/black color theme.

Peanut butter cookies with icing and edible Mickey Mouse Clubhouse designs. Super yummy!

It's a little hard to see, but these are chocolate Mickey Mouse head lollipops. Soooo easy to make!

Presents! (I love Baylie's face in the background. Mollie- I think she needs one of these Dora dollhouses for Christmas!)
Taking turns going down the treehouse slide!Seeley was even sporting a Mickey Mouse shirt courtesy of Personally Stitched. Sorry I didn't get a better picture of it Mollie! And yes, Jeremy just rolled his eyes at the matchy-matchy stuff.

We got her a Dora jeep! As you can tell she was way too excited and insisted on giving all of her friends rides. She still hasn't quite grasped the concept of reverse though. If she runs into something she still yells for me or Jeremy to come and help her.

Happy to be 3!

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dave and jenn said...

Cute, cute, cute! And I love spray glitter too. I used it on a bunch of stuff at my b-day party. You're never too old for spray glitter!

I am so impressed by all of the details, and I LOVE the matchy-matchiness of it all. :)