Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Friday

Still debating the pros/cons of a birthday party in March. I would prefer to have the party at my house , but since we've still got some construction (aka drama) going on with some rehab stuff I'm hesitant to have a bunch of people over. Gonna check into alternatives next week.

Big man will be 7 months old in a few weeks. And yes, I'm already debating birthday party themes for June. Seeley is defeating all of my efforts to clothe him by continuing to grow way too quickly-we're wearing 12 month clothing now. At his 6 month wellness visit a few weeks ago he weighed 20 lbs and 8 oz. I can't even wrap my hand all the way around his calves, much less his thighs. I'll have to take a picture to prove it. He now weights only 9 lbs less than Emma.

Hubs and I still have not officially celebrated our anniversary, which was on the 4th. First, babysitter was sick. Then Seeley was sick. Then it was my bro-in-law's birthday. Now we've got a gymnastics expo for Em and a cousin's birthday p
arty for her little boy . . . I'm holding firm that NEXT weekend we're going to go out for our special day. I hope. Geez.

Emma had her first snow this week. I'm not sure who was more excited-her or Jeremy. Definitely not the dogs. All but 2 of them were super pissed and highly suspicious of the white stuff.

I still can't manage to get into bed before 11:30 or 12am, which means that I have way too much quiet time on my hands after the rest of the house is asleep and I'm finishing up my "to-do" list. I catch myself eyeballing projects that need to be done around the house. Hubs is going to strangle me if I even hint at more projects at the moment. I think I'm safe though- funds are necessary to begin these projects and since putting the kids back into daycare full time our disposable income is in seriously short supply.

Just after the holidays I discovered someone apparently backed into the passenger side of my car, near the rear fender. Super. Why do I park out in the back 40 of the parking lot if someone can STILL manage to hit me? By the time I get this fixed I will almost have replaced or repaired the entire exterior of my SUV. And I only wish I was exaggerating.

Since owning my car it has been
  • backed into a building courtesy of hubs (new driver side rear fender)
  • backed into father-in-law's truck-hubs again
  • rear-ended 3 times (only 1 new rear fender though)
  • friend at work backed into driver side door (brand new now)
  • flying object crushed front fender/grill on interstate (all new/replaced)
  • the above mentioned hit and run on passenger side rear fender/panel
Since I'm pretty sure this latest mishap will require a replacement part that leaves the passenger door as the only original exterior part on my car. Awesome right? If I had caused some of the damage maybe I wouldn't be so bitter about it.

I overheard Emma and Jeremy talking about a baby sister last night. Shouldn't I be in the loop somewhere on this decision?

Plans for this weekend include:
  • Emma's gymnastics expo
  • Bowling birthday party
  • Phase 1 of Project Organization- bathroom storage revamp


dave and jenn said...

Oh, you didn't know about Baby Sister? We did! (ha ha) :)

I had a car that was a magnet for things happening to it. Do you think yours has that epidemic? I don't know what it was, but the strangest things would cause bodily damage in the most random occurrences.

I am totally jealous of all the snow you guys had! I loved all the pics on Facebook.

Finally, you MUST do the big 29th shebang when it rolls around. You deserve a fabulous party after all of the other ones you've planned!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Left you an award over at my place!