Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Virgin . . . .

No More!

That's right, I finally found something that I HAD to have.  AND, since Walmart was so accommodating by opening up on Thanksgiving night I decided to give it a try.

First, let me say it was pure chaos.  I arrived at 9pm to score my ticket for the tv I was after and there were already no more shopping carts in the entire store.  I took this as a sign that apparently I should have arrived 4 hours before the Midnight sale.  Geez. I noticed several seasoned Black Friday shoppers giving me the pity look.

I also discovered that once you get a ticket for the tv you have to get in line; you can't leave.  Period.  Once again, the seasoned BF'ers had a sidekick so that one person could wait in line for the tv and the other could run out and score the goodies that went on sale at 10pm.  More pity looks pointed my way.

Jeremy absolutely refused to go anywhere near a Black Friday sale.  I believe his exact words when I asked if he wanted to go with me were "!@*# no, are you @!#?$ crazy?"  Yeah, hence the shopping solo and my predicament.  Since there were a few items I wanted that went on sale at 10pm (mainly toys for Emma) I improvised; I made a friend in line. Who coincidentally had a shopping cart, was solo, and a novice as well.  Score!  She and I traded out, one of us would shop while the other guarded our cart and held our spots in line.  Worked like a dream.

When you stand in line with someone for 3 hours you get to become fast friends.  My new Black Friday BFF was super sweet, and as it turned out I knew her husband and we had several mutual friends. Small world. 

I finally get home at 1am, with my brand new tv and other assorted goods.  The hubs, who if you'll recall called me crazy, met me at the door to take the tv and start hooking it up.  No thanks given for braving the BF crowd.  Just a grab for the tv.  Sheesh. 

Total savings tally: approximately $375 between the tv and other presents.  Whose the crazy one now?!

So would I brave Black Friday again?  You bet!  With the right incentive of course. :)

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dave and jenn said...

Good for you! I have yet to go to those lengths, but I'm sure that will be in our future one day... Tell Jeremy he owes you big time for standing in line that long!!